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Posted by | November 30, 2011, 15:12 (MST) | 50 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Vampire Diaries Mid-Season Return Preview in TV Guide MagazineWe know you’re getting restless for the return of The Vampire Diaries, but TV Guide Magazine comes to the rescue with a brief preview of what we can expect starting Thursday, January 5th with The New Deal (EP310). Here’s a taster from the article (which also mentions Torrey DeVitto‘s upcoming arc and The Vampire Diaries coming in at #4 in the magazine’s Fan Favorites poll) via Julie Plec (out of respect for the UK viewers getting Homecoming next Tuesday, we’ll put it behind a spoiler block):

“Mystic Falls is in the hands of Klaus. Stefan and Klaus want to destroy each other, but they’re unwilling to face the consequences if things go wrong. It is a Mexican standoff.”

The piece also touches on what to expect with Elena, Tyler and Caroline, Alaric, and Bonnie and features a new episode still of Damon and Elena. Pick up the December 8-15 issue (Fan Favorite winner Community on the over) at your local newsstand. Thanks to Denise for the article!

If you’re keeping track, these are post-hiatus episode titles we know so far: The New Deal (EP310), Our Town (EP311), and thanks to director Jeffrey Hunt, we know he’s handling Bringing Out The Dead (EP313). (Speaking of, he’s tweeting from the TVD set, so follow him on Twitter: @HuntVision.)

UPDATE: And we can now confirm that EP312 is titled The Ties That Bind.

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  • Abd Salvatore Othman

    Yay! that is soo awesome ;)

  • Gen

    Where is the rest of the article?

  • Gen

    Nevermind, I’m an idiot.

  • Guest1

    Do I have to buy the magazine to read it?

  • Occam’s Razor

    Looks like it (which is a good thing, I think Vee made a smart choice, TVD needs all the love it can get). However, as an international fan I’d be grateful for a summary of Elena’s part of the article :) I’d be hard for me to grab my own copy, since I live about 4300 miles away from the eastern border :P

  • Anonymous

    I really would like to read the TV Guide Magazine article now…. right now!   My TVD restlessness is getting way out of hand.

  • Andrea

    His so called friend don’t deserve the sacrifice that Stefan has made to keep them safe or alive all this time. He needs to leave them all behind, they are not worthy of his sacrifice!

  • Anonymous

    Disagree completely with this statement…….there was a time, pre-compulsion, (specifically in The End of the Affair) when Elena asked Stefan to go come home with her….he chose not to. After the episode of Homecoming, Stefan also had another choice, and he chose to piss Klaus off even more, even when he knew Klaus would be leaving town.  Also, it’s not like Stefan couldn’t have been working with Damon all along, and kept him up to date on what was going on…Let’s face it, Stefan had enough free time to do all this, but he chose not to do this either. It will be interesting to see, with this latest and greatest situation that Stefan created, what his reasons were for doing it and what he plans on accomplishing by doing it;)

  • Anonymous

    Hmmmmmm- Regarding the highlighted spoiler…after watching the Homecoming, I kinda knew that was going to be the case:) What I’m really interested in is Bringing out the Dead…

    This is what I know:
    1. The episode will be a flashback’
    2. We supposedly get to meet Finn in this episode (I hope I spelled the name right)
    3. Finn knew Kat in 1491
    4. By the title, I’m wondering if some of the Originals will be de-daggered;) 

  • Anonymous

    Yeah- you and me both GP….you and me both;)

  • Anonymous

    Looks like our boys are gonna paint the town red. Can’t wait! 

  • Anonymous

    The only recent sacrifices Stefan’s made are his sacrifices for Damon, twice. One big one for the cure to the wolf bite, and another one for saving Damon by saving Klaus.  If he wanted to keep the maximum number of his friends safe, he would have just let Damon kill Klaus.  So I’m reading that you don’t think his brother deserves his sacrifices. That’s where I don’t think “deserve” is even a question, ya know?  They’re family.  I think it shows a lot of character, humanity, and capacity for love on Stefan’s part. And the very belief that Stefan has in Damon, that he believes Damon is worthy of his love, makes Damon worthy of it all.

  • tina

    Stefan chose to stay away because he was protecting Elena (Klaus thought she was dead) and didn’t want Klaus to know she was alive.  And because he had to give himself up to Klaus for the blood to save Damon and didn’t want Klaus to go back (if Stefan left) and kill Damon.  Stefan is still protecting the people he loves from Klaus.  Because as long as Klaus is alive he with continue to force himself on Elena to give up her blood, for however long he wants too.  Not to mention Stefan wants Klaus to pay for taking him away from the woman and life he loved.

  • Anonymous

    How do we know that Klaus still needs Elena’s blood to build a hybrid army? The whole point of building it to begin with was to give Klaus an edge against Mikael….as we know now, that’s not an issue anymore. Klaus was going to gather his family and leave the one pony town of MF. Now? Not happening.

    Stefan could have come back and resumed his life with Elena after the Homecoming episode- it was Stefan’s choice not to come back, or even after The End of the Affair, once again it was Stefan’s choice not to come back….Elena would have helped him regain his bunny blood ways, no harm/ no foul….if the argument is that Klaus would have come to MF looking for Stefan…well, since Klaus figured Stefan was keeping a secret from him and came back to MF anyway, it’s a bit of a moot point.  Klaus took Stefan away for approximately 4 months. In return for Stefan’s “friendship”, Klaus saved Damon’s life, but if your going by the timeline on the show, in all reality, it hasn’t been that long. So seeking vengeance over a 4 month long road trip is a little strange considering that Klaus was going to be taking his family and leaving Mystic Falls anyway.

    As to trying to protect Damon & Elena from Klaus, I’m sure at first he was…but really, in the whole scheme of things, it seems to me if Stefan was really trying to protect them, he would have at least clued Damon in on what he was trying to do. Stefan had access to a cell phone. He was able to sneak away from Klaus on multiple occasions. He could have called his big bro and given him the 411, yet he did none of that…

    I don’t know. I hope there’s going to be some awesome plan behind this latest development that hasn’t been revealed as of yet….but deliberately pissing off a 1000 year old vampire when he was fixing to leave town? I really hope it’s a hell of a plan.

  • tina

    Klaus being Klaus and wanting to rule and control everything and everybody wouldn’t stop at just a hundred or whatever hybrids.  He’d want Elena around just in case anything happened to them and when he’d need more it would be back to the blood bank, Elena.  Stefan knew if he had left Klaus and just came home Klaus would follow and kill everyone Stefan loves.  As for not telling Damon what was going on he was protecting him  and he probably knew that sometimes Damon doesn’t think, he just does.  And most times someone gets killed or the plan goes bad really fast.

  • Anonymous

    And as we just saw this season in The Reckoning, sometimes Stefan’s plans can go really bad, really fast as well….and didn’t Tyler get killed in this episode? Yep, that’s how he became a hybrid;)

    Again, Klaus told Stefan he was going to have a family re-union. He did not need any more hybrids. The whole purpose of creating the hybrids to begin with was to give Klaus an edge against Mikael….he doesn’t need that edge anymore.

    For the sake of argument, let’s say that Klaus still wanted to make an army of hybrids to take on an unknown enemy who could possibly kill him, but only if there just so happens to be another stake made from an Original Tree lying around somewhere…..Elena would then be the safest resident of Mystic Falls. Klaus would want her alive. It’s that simple. If he still needed his army of hybrids, then Elena’s life is still valuable to him.

    As far as Stefan leaving Klaus and coming home, it seems to me that it wouldn’t have mattered one way or another because Klaus ended up right back in Mystic Falls anyway;)

  • Anonymous

    Hi VampLover,

    100% agree with everything you said in your posts above. 

  • Anonymous

    Thanks GP;)

  • Anonymous

    Hi VampLover,
    This new format for comments makes it difficult to discuss comments that are posted.  I ran out of room below.  :(

    I was agreeing with what you were saying 100%.

    If we thought Klaus was already a force to be reckoned with, Stefan’s “latest and greatest” actions has just awoken the inner beast in Klaus.  Klaus will get his revenge and kill everyone Stefan has ever loved, or met…. I believe Katherine was actually the one that said that to begin with so I’m not sure why she would be a part of this recent development.

  • Anonymous

    I’m having a visual moment here GP…awakening the “inner beast” did you say? LOL;) Yep, definitely a visual moment:)

    And yep, Katherine was fond of saying the Klaus will “kill everyone you ever met”  last season….I think that’s why in the promo when Klaus said, “I’m going to kill everyone you ever met” I was sitting on my couch shaking my head, thinking to myself, yep, he will. As to why Kat would be a part of this, I was wondering the same thing. But then again, I’m still wondering if she is a part of it, or if Stefan decided to take matters into his own hands again……..

    But on the plus side, my favorite hybrid gets to stick around awhile. Which means my favorite British actor gets to stick around awhile, too;) I’m happy as can be with both Damon & Klaus (and Ian & JoMo)  being on the same show….together….hell, I feel like a kid with her hand in the cookie jar:)

  • tina

    I find the new format kind of confusing.  It’s all over the place.  Some parts are light, others dark and dots where there should be letters. 

  • Vee

    We think Disqus is broken and not loading correctly. We can’t do anything about it until tomorrow. Sorry, guys!

  • tina

    No problem.  That was really nice of you to reply.  Thank you.  btw, LOVE your site!

  • Anonymous

    cant wait !!!! i have loved this show from the beginning and it is just getting better and better !!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ha! Having Damon and Klaus (Ian & JoMo) on the same show is my Fairy Godmother granting me my one wish.  :)

  • Anonymous

    I think Finn might be Kat’s baby daddy? And I really WOULD love having Elijah back. I’d be perfectly content with everything if that were the case. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand the term Mexican standoff, but to me it sounds like the Cold War between Stefan and Klaus

  • Sasha

    Pretty much, you got the meaning.  “Mexican standoff” is a slang term for stalemate.  Two opponents are heavily armed or have some kind of leverage against each other, but neither opponent wants to make the first move or disarm because they don’t want the other to retaliate or strike them when they’re vulnerable, so they’re kind of stuck.  It’s kind of like a no-win confrontation.
    I’m excited to see the tension building between Klaus and Stefan and who’s going to make the first move.

  • Sasha

    Didn’t Katherine have the baby in 1490 in Bulgaria?  And vampires can’t procreate on this show.  (I know that the Originals are in a category all on their own, so maybe Originals are fertile, but I wouldn’t like it if they didn’t stick with that rule).  I think Finn found Katherine after she had the baby and went to England.

  • Anonymous

    Klaus is a mere puppet. He did not make the hybrids because of mikeal. He made them because he was told to. If you remember the second episode of the season, he was talking to stephen about the person responsible for all of this. Klaus was really scared. That person is the puppeteer, and that is the one that you need to be afraid of not Klaus.

  • Sasha

    Don’t think that’s right. He meant that he did everything he thought he was supposed to do to break the curse and be able to turn the hybrids.  Let’s not forget what he said in “Homecoming” when Mikael threatened to kill “Elena”:  Klaus said he didn’t need the hybrids, he only needed to be rid of Mikael.  And Klaus seemed so carefree after killing Mikael, he was ready to undagger his siblings and reunite them.
    I think we have to be wary of the fall out from the escalating showdown between Stefan and Klaus.  Klaus probably isn’t so interested in keeping Elena alive to make hybrids anymore because Mikael has been destroyed along with the only weapon we know of that can kill Klaus.  Because they’re in a stalemate, Stefan isn’t going to kill all of Klaus’s family, and Klaus isn’t going to kill everyone Stefan’s ever met because they’re afraid of what will happen if either of them do those things. 

  • dman

    Very nicely said!

  • kathleen

    Just musing on the episode titles here because I’m starting to go batty from the hiatus. The New Deal: Maybe it’s a new deal between Damon and Klaus.  Our Town: Does it have anything to do with the play? In that play, one of the characters comes back to life and relives one day of her life.  The Ties That Bind: Is this going to be something about the siring phenomenon, will we see Klaus and Tyler do something?  Bringing Out the Dead: Does this mean they’re going to undagger some Originals like VampLover said? 

  • Anonymous

    Bless you Sasha, that’s been my point all along:) And this is exactly the reason I am wondering why Stefan decided to take the family members to begin with. Klaus doesn’t need Elena alive anymore because he no longer needs an army of hybrids. Stefan could have chosen to resume his life with Elena, but instead he decided not to.

    Stefan can’t technically kill any of Klaus’s family because technically the only weapon we know of at this time that could do that went up in flames with Mikael, all he can do is keep the bodies away from Klaus.

    Klaus, however, can do what he likes with the residents of MF..including Elena & Damon. It would be nice if Stefan would include Damon in on this little plan of his…because at least Damon will know why Klaus is going on the war path.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Miss Annie….all I know about Finn is that he’s one of Klaus’s brothers.

    I do wonder about Kat’s baby daddy, though…… we all know that one of Klaus’s tricks is to inhabit a human’s body (Ric)….so  it be possible for one of the Originals to have gotten Katherine pregnant back in 1491 by inhabiting a human’s body, I guess. But, that would take an awful lot of planning on their part, I suppose. But hey, all they have is time, right? What’s a couple hundred years in the whole scheme of things?

  • Sasha

    Hi! Good point about letting Damon in on the plan:) It would be nice to see the brothers working together, instead of Stefan going all lone ranger on everyone. We all know he’s not one for planning alone. Damon, on the other hand, is clever like Katherine because he embraced everything that she was. The times that Stefan and Damon have worked together have been pretty successful. They got Katherine in the tomb in the masquerade episode, and then they found and rescued Elena after she got kidnapped, and they got Elena in position to dagger a very angry Elijah in the dinner party episode. How much do you want to bet Stefan has no plan at this point? I mean, how could he? Seriously Stefan, you don’t provoke someone who is practically invincible and has a hold on every life you hold dear by stealing his family who are also unkillable. That’s not revenge, that’s setting up yourself and everyone you’ve ever met for some pain ahead.

  • Sasha

    Thank you :)

  • il_isek

    Cold War is a pretty apt term for what’s going on between Klaus and Stefan as well! But I think in this case Mexican Standoff is more appropriate because it’s a one-one-one conflict.

  • MaryAnne

    Honey, don’t waste your time…Let Damon’s fans think & believe what they want.

  • Andrea

    Damon said he has to save Stefan because he owes him, not because he want to, so… And when i said “Friends” I was referring to Bonnie, Jeremy, Alaric and Caroline. They were all acting like he was a major  D-bag that deserved to be treated like shit.

  • Sasha

    Whoa easy there. Damon followed that comment up with he couldn’t watch Stefan dry up in a dungeon, and Stefan remarked “Careful brother, you’re humanity’s showing” which suggests Damon is doing it out of more than obligation. And I cannot think of an instance in which any of those people you mentioned treated Stefan badly or said bad things about Stefan this season. Don’t think you need to be half as frustrated as you are. Don’t worry, no one’s giving up on Stefan. We all know they’ll welcome him back into the fold with open arms when he comes back to them.

  • tina

    So true.  Just don’t get how you can’t even discuss something.  They’re always, yeah but Damon is right and everyone else is wrong. Frustrating yet funny.   At least when Stefan was being a douche we called him on it. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m confused here- we were just having a discussion and I wasn’t being offensive to anyone….why take it to this level?

  • Anonymous

    And one could say the same regarding Stefan fans….

  • Zara

    Don’t blame Stefan, he’s just a pawn in this game tbh. It was Katherine that riled him up and made him get “mad” and stop Klaus’ death etc. The dude is just going along but I don’t see how it works but he trusts her as does Damon. Kat has a lot of plans, let’s see how this one pans out before making assumptions but it doesn’t seem so smart at the moment. 

    But maybe this was to create drama. If Klaus is gone, Stelena would be reunited eventually and the Salvatore’s be bonded bro’s after Stefan lets them on in why he saved Klaus etc.

  • Rt429dj

    what the fuck, i mean seriusly mexican standoff! im an international fan from mexico and i find this completly unappropriate…..its not like any other country around the world has its own problems!

  • Anonymous

    Lighten up, it was just a figure of speech and wasn’t meant to insult anyone:)

  • Jennifer Griff

    When will Meredith appear?

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