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Posted by | September 2, 2010, 21:38 (MST) | 22 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The Vampire Diaries TV SeriesThanks to @GrudgedPunkr for the heads up that The Vampire Diaries: Original Television Soundtrack tracklisting has been updated on Amazon. We blogged the original posted tracklisting a few weeks ago and there are definite changes – the track order, a remix of “Sleep Alone” by Bat For Lashes, and the retitling of the opening and closing Michael Suby score tracks. But the most notable change is the addition of “Cut” by Plumb. We’ve highlighted these changes below, though the overall track order has definitely changed. The soundtrack comes out October 12, 2010 on EMI/Virgin. Pre-order your copy!

1. Stefan’s Theme – Mike Suby
2. Running Up That Hill – Placebo
3. Currency of Love – Silversun Pickups
4. Hammock – Howls
5. Sleep Alone (909s in the DarkTimes Mix) – Bat for Lashes
6. Bloodstream (Vampire Diaries Remix) – Stateless
7. We Radiate – Goldfrapp
8. Obsession – Sky Ferreira
9. Head Over Heels – Digital Daggers
10. Down – Jason Walker
11. Beauty of the Dark – Mads Langer
12. Cut – Plumb
13. All You Wanted – Sounds Under Radio featuring Alison Sudol of A Fine Frenzy
14. The Fellowship – Smashing Pumpkins
15. On Melancholy Hill (Feed Me Remix) – Gorillaz
16. 1864 – Mike Suby

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  • Anna H.

    So we get the song from Stefan and Elena’s love scene but not Damon and Elena’s dance scene? Well, shucks. That’s not cool.

  • heather2084

    glad they added cut, but still not going to buy. all the songs i like I have already downloaded and they didnt make the cut to the cd. if they had I would buy to get a better version of them. oh well!

  • misha

    i love vampire diaries very very much

  • http://cdsucks erin

    I like they put cut on but where’s only one by alex band or the song damon or elena dance to. Still not buying the soundtrack. I was so looking forward to the soundtrack coming out expecting all the songs, but just disappointed. The music director when he is picking out the song he should get the music rights from the artist first so the next soundtrack will be all set for at the end of season 2

  • Emily Marie

    well it sucks that there aren’t that good of songs on the soundtrack but to @Erin: The song they danced to is All I Need by Within Temptation…if you like the song they have a cd out that i got and i only bought it because i loved the song so much..but they are a pretty good band if you want the cd..

  • BR

    You can see the official video from the upcoming Vampire Diaries sountrack featuring Sky Ferreira – OBSESSION here:

  • kathy

    hii can someone help :( i herd a instrumental song on the advert october and nov.
    i cant rememba that scence but i remember its after a women says “ouch” then the tune starts :( i cant find it anywereeee x

  • Pouli

    O well too bad if their songs arent’ the best, but still i love the vampire diaries…. its soooo cool..

  • Inakotici

    the songs are cool the guys are better

  • Lala

    i love sleeping alone,obsession,and head over heels

  • DarkLord

    It’s too bad there isn’t more songs by Mike Suby…

  • Bailey

     They didn’t include “All I Need” by Within Temptation (Damon/Elena’s dance song) and “Happy Birthday” by The Birthday Massacre (from Stefan’s birthday episode)? Drat.

  • Bellina

    Great sound track… Love them!

  • Ellie723

    the dance scene song is called ‘all i need’. by something temptation.

  • Delena and Klaroline

    what the heck happened to passion and dangeer that music is beautiful

  • Niharikasmiling

    is adelesong someone like you used in vampire diaries

  • CassieDarkheart14

    I heard one of the instrumental pieces that played in VD’s Season 3- Episode 20; it starts just at the beginning of that scene with Damon and Elena in the motel. Does anyone know what’s the name of that piece?

  • Cherryy

    The song is all i need by *Within Temptation*

  • Poukibear

    I heard a song towards the end of the season 2, episode 14 episode that was something about Legacy.  Does anyone know which song that is?

  • CassieDarkheart14

     Yes, that song is Family Tree by Matthew West.

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