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Posted by | November 5, 2013, 12:46 (MST) | 27 Comments
Category: The Originals TV, The Vampire Diaries TV

Joseph Morgan as KlausThe People’s Choice Awards have just announced their official nominees, and voting is open from now through December 5th. Click here to vote. You can also vote on Twitter, and you can vote as many times as you wish, so get to it! Unfortunately, we can’t link to the specific categories this time, but here are the shows’ nominations:

Favorite Actor in a New TV Series: Joseph Morgan
Favorite On-Screen Chemistry: Damon and Elena
Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show: The Vampire Diaries
Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actor: Ian Somerhalder
Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actress: Nina Dobrev
Favorite New TV Drama: The Originals


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  • Mariah Metzger via Facebook


  • N.S.

    How come Paul never gets one so unfair

  • dman_24

    Yeah, Paul is definitely the most underrated, underappreciated cast member on the show. For some reason he never gets the recognition he deserves. It’s really a shame, but what can you do?

  • dman_24

    I voted multiple times for Nina (can’t help it — she’s my favorite actress in the world), Ian, and Joseph. Of course I also voted for TVD to win best Sci-fi/Fantasy (talk about an easy decision. Haha!) I really hope everyone wins.

  • Guest

    avorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actor: Ian Somerhalder NOT FUNNY

  • N.S.

    Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actor: Ian Somerhalder


  • InewtoTVD

    N.S. and dman_24; Vote! But TVD and the vamps are still in it, so go vote and lets get all the wins :)

  • charlotte

    Voting multiple times for me makes it kind of weird in the way how can it really be peoples choice. I think it would be better and more believable if it was one per vote. I voted for Nina to.

  • N.S.

    I don’t take it seriously when you can vote as many times as you want. Come on what the hell

  • ladym05

    I also find it interesting the times we decide to become a “family”.

  • Monica Postma

    I voted TVD and the Originals in all but the best Sci-fi/fantasy actress category. I mean, has anyone SEEN Orphan Black? Tatiana Maslany is a PHENOMENAL actress.

  • Dilla22

    No Paul Wesley? What a big joke! My votes goes to The Walking Dead and Andrew Lincoln then.

  • dman_24

    That’s the way they have it setup, so why not take advantage of it? Also, that’s the way most people vote anyway. If they wanted you to vote only one time, they wouldn’t be allowing multiple votes. I think it’s all about the people; And they’re giving the people what they want. If it was a more serious award (or voting for something of importance), only one vote would’ve been allowed.


    If you have fans who are passionate enough to vote a ton each it’s still a way in which you are the choice. Any one of them can have fans who will vote many times, it seems even to me.


    I couldn’t decide between TO and Reign…I’ve started to really like Reign so…

    TVD has some tough competition, what with GOT and Walking dead.

  • Andrew55

    Paul Wesley not getting nominated does not surprise me. The media coverage for this show always focuses on Ian and Nina. And I am not saying that Ian and Nina don’t deserve the noms because they absolutely do. And I will vote for them as often as I can. But the media has conveniently forgotten that Paul is a main character and that without him the show just wouldn’t work. If you were not a fan of this show and just read the media coverage, you would swear it was the Damon Diaries or the Delena Diaries. Not the Vampire Diaries. But again the media is just here to feed the masses so whatever. Paul is the most underappreciated and undervalued actor on this show. Poor guy is playing two characters and owning this season but come next year for the PCA, Ian will be nominated and Paul will be left out in the cold. Why? Because Ian has the hype machine behind him and Paul doesn’t. That simple

  • Andrew55

    Yeah it’s a fair process but the award show is not real serious or legitimate. It’s basically an show to see who has the most craziest fans. I love it. And I love when anything TVD wins because we are all some crazy fans. But to say it’s a legitimate awards show that values acting, directing, cinematography and casting….no.

  • N.S.

    Stefan is the most interesting character How many Stefans we’ve seen? it’s not easy to say now I mean many and he gets NOTHING


    It’s not like fans didn’t have the opportunity to nominate him though, pc comes out with a list of nominees where you can vote for up to 5 first-round nominees or fill out someone you want to nominate who isn’t there. PW was in the preliminaries, I voted for all three of them, but the fans in general didn’t vote enough. I don’t see what the media has to do with that, since tvd fans aren’t voting based on what the commercials show, but the show itself. Don’t blame the hype, blame the fans, who didn’t vote enough for both unless the pc committee has a secret rule that you can only have one person from the same show per category but I don’t think that’s a thing.


    Yeah, that’s true but it’s not like we’ll ever see TVD get an emmy. CW shows don’t get nominated for serious awards by critic standards, even if they’re really good, too much politics go into it because it’s considered a teen show. I actually value viewer’s choice award shows more though because emmy nominees pay a nomination fee, so great shows who don’t submit an entry and a fee don’t get nominated. Not much better.

  • Andrew55

    Yeah but I think PW fans vote they just don’t go on constantly and vote. That is the difference. There is such a fan craze for Ian, which is fine. However, to think the media doesn’t have a sway on some fans opinions is wrong too. That was the purpose of my post. Believe it or not there are a lot of people that are followers. They will jump on whatever is popular or deemed popular by the media. When it comes to this show, the media hypes up Ian and Nina. Nothing wrong with that. But they do tend to shove Paul into the background, a lot. When some people read the coverage for this show they will be swayed by whatever is the popular view. It happens everywhere. That is my point. This is not an Ian and Nina hate post because, like I said, they deserve the noms and I am going to vote for them. This is just more of an observation.

  • Andrew55

    Agreed on the emmy’s….it can and is political at times but at least there you have people with television experience deciding on the awards. With the PCAs and Teen Choice awards…it is a popularity contest. Most people that vote are crazed teens who vote like a bajillion times. lol. Nothing wrong with that. But it does make the awards show kind of illegitimate, in my mind.

  • dman_24

    I agree with you; It is a popularity contest. If everyone doesn’t think so, then they’re wrong. I’m surprised Paul is even on the DVD covers. It should really be just Ian and Nina. lol

  • amanda

    Is it a popularity contest or a certain amount people continuously voting over and over again? Big difference. By no means am I saying Ian and Nina do not deserve it. I’m just pointing out that their is a difference.

  • dman_24

    I’m not talking just about the PCA’s, I’m also talking about the fandom and the show in general. It’s clear who gets all the attention on the show. And it certainly isn’t Paul, or Candace, or Kat, or Zach, or anyone else for that matter. Not that Nina and Ian doesn’t deserve attention (BIG Nina fan here), but it can get rather tiresome and redundant seeing them get the lion’s share while everyone else is left with scraps. And don’t get me started on the UNHOLY triangle (it really should be called that, cause it’s ruining the show), which really should be two points on a line, cause it’s basically all about Damon and Elena. The marketing on this show really sucks, and if they concentrated more on all their characters instead of a few, it would be a much better show to watch. Just had to put that out there.

  • amanda

    I 100% completely agree with you.

  • shoe20

    I with you on Paul’s omission in the final. Impossible to say hes hasn’t owned this season with his excellent acting. The PCA is a joke controlled by fan-girls willing to spend day after day voting. Maybe by next season I’ll know enough about programing …the squeals will be heard round the world. lol
    Anyone know of a good key-stroke recording program. LMAO

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