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Posted by | August 21, 2012, 15:33 (MST) | 47 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Here’s a giggle for your Tuesday, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly: the season three blooper reel. The DVD and Blu-Ray sets come out in the U.S. on September 11. Enjoy!

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  • KatAttack

    Can’t wait till the DVD comes out!

  • mary.m155

    Omg, Nina and Ian are so funny. Ian gagging on his drink, and then drinking Elenas blood line in the end!! Hahaha and loved Ninas dancing. Love it all!!!!

  • Irene Calhoun

    the entire cast seems so down to earth it must be a blast to be on set with them all i so wish i could meet them one day lol their hillarious!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah

    Thanks for posting, loved watching this! But not nearly enough Paul!

  • ihatepeople

    I know I loved the look on Ian’s face when he was drinking from her blood “donation” line in the hospital. Funny.

  • mary.m155

    Hahaha I know. I bet they have such a blast on the set. They honestly have the best job.

  • Jenna

    that little clip of Damon sucking Elena’s blood in the hospital was hilarious, loved his expressions… oops!!!
    Where was Stefan bloops? 

  • Makie

    Boring bloopers tbh.

  • From Beginning To End

     Claire Holt with the marshmallow was the best, “I’m not eating that so…”

  • Yetzy Killjoy Piedrahíta

    It was HOT when Nina said ‘My necklace! it buuuuuuurned me’ in that lascive tone!! hahaha I loved it!

  • Annemoore

    the one thing I like about vampirediaries AND living in Europe? We got the DVD on monday!!!!!!!!

  • Moky

    Daniel jumping on Joseph – “Woah, we’re doing the lines first, mate! Nice Superman pose, though.” LOL

  • katherine_fan

    “Oh,hi,Ian!”.Ooops,sorry,wrong video!!!
    The 2nd scene with Ian and David was hilarious!!!Joseph is adorable!! And Nathaniel,I do want to see what is going on with Matt back there!!Not enough Paul,Daniel and Nathaniel!!

  • Mandy

    who was Nina talking to when she said “are you constipated?”

  • Ksjenka

    I loved that moment too! Really funny and sexy=)))))) I also liked the moment when Meredith’s trying to get Damon’s arm out from jacket sleeve – it was very amusingly!:)

  • Ksjenka

    Very hilarious scene was the last one with  Alarick, Nathaniel and Meredith!)))))

  • KatAttack


  • KatAttack

     Was it Paul??

  • mary.m155

     I know, he kinda seems a little calmer than the rest in real life..

  • Razo

     I think it was Ian. It sounded like his groan, at least.

  • Nc where’s Candice, Paul, Trevino, Kat, McQueen, Matt Davis, Zach???

  • Nat

    you are way to invested in them. basically creepy

  • mary.m155

    Why would that be creepy? And how would you know if I was to invested?

  • ihatepeople

    I think it was Paul when she was pulling out the wood that Jamie shot him with.

  • FairShare

     It can’t be that scene because there was a dark shed and field area behind her then and it was only the two of them, while the scene in the blooper is an indoor room (off-white cabinet or door in background) with another man beside Elena. Plus in the blooper she has a jacket, but in the scene with Stefan she is wearing a sweater. Now I am getting really curious. Someone must find this episode immediately. :P

  • ihatepeople

    Maybe it’s the scene where she and Matt find Rick in the house when he stabbed himself.

  • From Beginning To End

    Haha I watched the season one bloopers for the first time, they’re even funnier.

  • Guest

     It is never boring when Ian is shoving underwear in his mouth.

  • GermanTVDFan

    Don’t worry mary.m155, I already noticed Nat’s remarks before. He or she always lays into Damon/Ian-fans and I have never read any positive comment of him/her. It’s a pity, because imo this is the best TVD-site world wide. Best is to ignore such comments.

    BTW I also loved the vid, seems they often have fun during work.  I was so lucky to meet Ian, Paul, Matt, Michael and Joseph during the Crimson Sky Con in Vienna – they are all together very likeable and funny people and I really wish all the best on each of them.

  • mary.m155

    Oh ya! Thanks…I could care less AB the negativity… ;)

  • Kego

    No,I think it was the scene when she had to stab Alaric

  • shila1307

    Hurra!!! My TVD season 3 DVD arrived from the UK yesterday. I am so happy!

  • From Beginning To End

     I think that’s it

  • From Beginning To End

     That’s lucky, I believe the release was bumped up to Sept. 11th in Canada and the U.S.

  • KatAttack

     *hugs for mary.m155*

  • KatAttack

     That’s what I was thinking at first.

  • KatAttack

     Oh I bet you’re right! So it’s Matt Davis.

  • KatAttack

     I guess they didn’t have any significant bloopers to show.

  • Makie

    Maybe for you *shrug* U know, not every girl in the world is in love with him.

  • JessieBb

    Flawless people, they do no wrong! :P

  • shila1307

    I live in Germany and don’t watch the series on TV, but on internet friday mornings or the first thing after work. Now I can relish in the 22 episodes. In the UK the DVD is always released between 20th-22nd August. Sorry that you have to wait so long in the US or Canada.

  • mary.m155


  • Iansfan

    Yep, I´ve just ordered it…. looking soooo forward to getting it *iansfan making a happy dance…*

  • shila1307

    Iansfan! How are you? Well I guess you must be happy too. That would be two Germans doing a HAPPY DANCE!!! LOL

  • Number1moviebuff

    Lmao that was awesome, can’t wait til the dvd comes out!!

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