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Posted by | February 10, 2012, 7:21 (MST) | 209 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

If anyone was hoping for a minute to recover from last night’s episode, you are out of luck. We’ve already got a webclip for All My Children (EP315)! Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley are both in this one, and they’ve got their Salvatore snark on for sure. Thank you to everyone who tweeted us about the webclip, and big thanks to youtube user Mil2aCle for sharing. SPOILER ALERT FOR DANGEROUS LIAISONS (EP314).

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  • Natalie

    YES. My thoughts exactly on the Stefan vs. Angel part. Every single move that Stefan made in this season has been justified by the writers. Well except for the bridge incident, but hey, Elena forgot about that one really quickly cos you know, it’s not a big deal. Ugh. I mean, if you want to show a vampire who’s off the rails, you probably need to stop putting him on an even higher moral ground than before. I feel like they’ve been trying to show us one thing, but I keep seeing the other. Stefan can do no wrong, he is a tortured soul, a martyr. C’mon, even Paul Wesley said it, he wants to see Stefan indulging in his vampire nature, accepting who he really is, the things he’s done. It’s a shame, cos PW is an amazing actor, but they don’t give him much to work with, other than being broody and mortified. We all know he’s not a saint, but he keeps being presented that way. 

    Oh, that scene with Caroline and Elena-beyond ridiculous. Like I said, nobody on this show acknowledges the bad things Stefan’s done. And why? I have no idea. Just like no one acknowledges the good things Damon’s done. We’ve never seen that role-reversal like it was promised. But the thing is, no matter how much crap they make Damon go through, no matter how angry and disappointed that makes us, we are still here-watching the show. I don’t know why are they so afraid the Stefan fans won’t do the same if the same things happened to his character. I honestly feel like this show could use a new, fresh point of view, so that they would stop repeating themselves. Or at least try to be consistent with the story they’re telling. 

  • Kiki

     He did walk away in S01E10 but Elena said if he leaves it’s only because he doesn’t want her because she knows what she wants and she wanted him.
    He once told Caroline that he knows that it would be safer for Elena if he just left her but he loved her too much and couldn’t leave her.
    I hope he still cannot resist and they will get back together again. I lost all hope when he decided to steal the coffins instead of going back to Elena but after last episode and Julie’s interview I think there is still a chance for them :-)

  • TVD*fan

    Hmm i get what you mean. But I think its too early for the “happy” couple you seem to want. That feels more like endgame to me. To be honest, i don’t think we’ve had a full blown triangle yet! she must first hook up with Damon, then after that happens she can have her conflicting feelings. She can decided to be with neither brother if she cares. I’m just saying, that before she makes her decision, there must be something between her and Damon, and finally fulfill what the show is being advertised on!! it’s about time we see that EW cover come to life!!

  • TVD*fan

    OHH i agree with you soo much! i absolutely adored Stefan in season 1, now i just think he’s a whiny little bitch :P

  • Anonymous

    TVD is not only about DELENA. Period.

  • Bite me

    I think perhaps that’s the biggest issue we’re having this season… you have to keep to the rules you have set up in your story or it just starts to fall apart. And seriously if you betray your own rules because some fans might get pissed, well guess what, you have a bigger problem ‘cos you just lose a big chunk of your audience, because they don’t believe the story you’re telling anymore. It almost got that way with the whole Katherine and Elena thing, switching them up… when all of a sudden, it wasn’t Elena anymore, but Katherine!!! You have to be careful, because people just won’t take the story seriously anymore!
    Talking about Angel, first three seasons were great, then season 4 it all went to hell, I don’t know the writers got pissy? Dropped acid? They were pissed that Cordelia was out ‘cos she was prego? and they lost a lot of viewers, season 5 got better but it had lost it’s mojo and off the air it went!!!
    I have to say, I would hate for TVD to lose audience before Elena and Damon’s story plays out, I have loved their story, it’s kind of been telling itself, even though the writers have sabotaged the hell out of it all they can!!!

  • Anon

    You’re right. It’s all about STELENA. Period.

  • Guest


  • Canderella

    Hey girls, thanks for the discussion. Enjoyed reading it!

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