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Posted by | April 27, 2012, 12:29 (MST) | 124 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The CW has released a webclip from next week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, Before Sunset (EP321). Only two episodes left in Season 3!

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  • ihatepeople

    Intriguing! Now you’re being cryptic. LOL

  • SoMo

    *stutters* four of the hottest TVD guys in one room!!! My life is complete!! =D

  • SoMo

    Wasn’t Klaus invited as alariklaus in s2??? =S I’m so confused.

  • EDM


  • EDM

    Whatever happens, it cant be any worse than the slower-than-snails-pace development of the love triangle over the past couple of seasons :)

  • ihatepeople

    Never say never about it not getting worse. LOL. They’ve really tested our patience. I might snap if they start over. ;0)~

  • Thanh Uyên

    Some said that Damon didnt go upstairs, he went into another room. I’ll be happy if he goes upstairs but as a big DE shipper, i don’t mind watching some “Damon-avoiding-Elena” :P..

  • eve

    So Stefan was right.  He wanted Klaus dead to protect Elena.  It wasn’t just a matter of Elena going on with her life.  So she’d have to give Klaus blood every so often…alot of people said Elena having to give Klaus blood was no big deal.  Now he expects to take her with him…like a pet dog. 

  • Jeremy

    wait, was Klaus expecting them to handover Elena.

  • The Unknown Original

    Can’t Klaus just assemble all the originals and go KILL the evil rick; don’t get me wrong I just want Elijah back on show.  

  • Eva

    Oh, I love those recaps, the author makes excellent points and they crack me up every time! I mean, I christen thee, robostake?rofl

  • Eva

    Me too, i’m really fed up with this this dragging it out situation. But i’ve come to expect everything from the writers, esp after 3×20. Everything about the characters i came to love feels disconnected :(

  • Eva

    A little?? It makes her look like she’s got a double personality disorder! :P

  • Eva

    Me too, and JP is “leaning” towards Stefan as well. 

  • Eva

    lol!! i think that , in a really bizarre way, Jer sees sme sort of a fatherly  figure in Damon too, or that of an older brother the least.

  • Eva

    IMO Caroline is great, but a little overrated. And i so agree with you that she needs to realize that both Stefan and Damon have considerably changed, and ajdust her opinions about them as well.

  • Eva

    Many passes. And without so much as an apology!

  • Eva

    Or even better, chain her and lock her in the dungeon ;P

  • Eva

    Hahaha i think he’d be more like “Do your homework, or I’ll snap your neck!!”

  • Eva

    Ah, one of the many reasons i love Elijah…

  • Kiki

     it’d be very stupid to think they would just hand them over.. maybe he wanted to distract them and Rebekah captured Elena?

  • Kiki

    I wonder what Stefan and Damon will do if it turns out that their bloodline is connected to Klaus. Killing Klaus would give Elena a normal life but it would kill Stefan and Damon, too. Will they sacrifice their lifes for her safety?

  • Rivara

    Alariklaus didn’t need to be invited to enter in the first place so I guess it wouldn’t matter anyway?

  • Myat Urbiztondo Millana via Facebook

    to a klause-free!

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