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Posted by | March 8, 2013, 14:20 (EST) | 147 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

We’ve got less than a week until new episodes return with Bring It On (EP416), and the CW has a webclip for you!

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  • Nessa

    Exactly…and she expressed it to Stefan many times that she did not want to be vampire watsoever because it was making her be somebody she is not

  • shoe20

    I don’t get how anyone can still believe the SB doesn’t effect feelings.
    Damon did the only thing he could telling Elena to “turn it off”, because she was obviously out of control with the feelings of grief for Jeremy. I have no problem agreeing that turning off her humanity was an action. The result of turning it off was to totally suppress ALL her feelings.
    Out of control feelings – SB command – Suppressed feelings.
    How is Elena’s present lack of feelings and emotions not the result of the SB???? I see no other way to spin it.

  • Georgia_Peach

    The sire bond does not effect feelings, only actions. The action was to turn off her emotions. The sire bond has nothing to do with how Elena actually feels when her emotions are front and center. Elena’s love, compassion, happiness, sadness, joy, which are all emotions are not controlled or influenced by the sire bond.

  • Georgia_Peach

    Hi Eve,
    I did not see Elena as being arrogant or cocky. She seemed uncaring with a lack of interest or concern in anything Stefan had to say and she had every intention of doing whatever she wanted to do. I thought Elena had a bit of a rebellious attitude and when she put her foot on Stefan’s shoulder…. it came across as “talk to the shoe” …. because she was certainly not listening.

  • shoe20

    So Elena still loves Damon? Hates Katherine? Sad over Jeremy? Compassion for the cheerleader she kills?
    Feelings and emotions are intertwined and Elena has neither. By turning off her emotions, she has also turned off her feelings.

  • Manon

    I’ve already told you turning of emotions is an action a vampire can do.

  • Nessa

    I dont know why its being said that Stefan is implying Elena will become ripper…that is not what he means he is just talking about his experiance and what resulted in his lost of control…meaning anything can happen leading to a bad result…so obv with Elena not giving a flying crap about anything because she has no humanity its obv he should warn her about what happened to him…i think any normal person would do that do a friend…no one knows yet what no humanity Elena is capable of she could have her own spiral disaster doesnt mean it has to be Rippah like Stefan

  • Georgia_Peach

    The action of shutting off her humanity to spare her from the uncontrollable grief she felt over Jeremy’s death does mean shutting off her emotions. For the time being Elena could care less about anyone or anything. Once her humanity and emotions come back to the surface she will once again have the ability to feel. When that does happen, the sire bond does not and will not have any control over how she feels, which includes her love for Damon and her love for her friends.

  • Georgia_Peach

    I think the point is that once a vampire turns off their humanity it is extremely important to keep those that they loved and those that love them close by and interact on a daily basis. That love and that friendship is what will bring them back. Elena has to want to come back and it will be when she is ready to accept and deal with Jeremy’s death. Until then Stefan and Damon will be on the receiving end of what they never wanted to see or hear coming from the girl they both love. The fact is, at least I hope it to be true, that neither brother will leave Elena behind….not now when she actually truly needs them both.

  • Nessa

    I agree with with this…i would think everyone would want to be there to try and talk to her here and there to let her know shes not alone in this

  • raego_826

    “Elena believes that she is in love with Damon” J.P.

    “SB makes you believe in things even if you don’t agree with them” J.P.
    J.P. said that Elena still needs to prove her feelings for Damon even if she was under compulsion.

    If you believe in something like faith, so it’s the truth for you.

  • Alex

    This is the best Elena to date. I hope that they keep her like this for the rest of season 4.

  • Phoenix

    This is not proof that the SB affects feelings (I don’t know if it does or not..but it’s just not proof of it). The SB gives you power over a siree’s actions and for vampires, one possible action is turning your emotions off, so the SB was used to get Elena to perform an action which happens to be related to her feelings. It’s like Metals conduct electricity and electricity can kill you but that is NOT proof that metals, by nature, are lethal to you :). It’s just context and causal effect and by no means a logical deduction. If anything it is proof that the SB controls actions, that’s all.

  • napoli

    Damon does prefer Stefan as the ripper! But he also knows that this can destroy Stefan. S3 Damon said he would help Stefan control the bloodlust because he has grown to love Stefan. Damon loves 2 people besides himself – Stefan and Elena. Damon could care less about anyone else. As Caroline mentioned to Klaus – if you love then you can be saved. This could also apply to Damon. But until he recognizes that everyone deserves to be treated kindly not just his 2 faves – he remains a monster. Just because the series has focused on the past from primarily Stefan’s perspective people believe Damon was off being a boy scout. I’ve never defended Stefan’s kills. He was horrible but what distinguishes him is that he is repentant and doesn’t believe it is his right to take life.

    Damon on the other hand is drawn to darkness. Damon loved Katherine but so did Stefan. Yet Stefan was terrified when Katherine revealed her true self and she had to compel his fear away. Damon accepted her darkness.

    When Lexi first met Damon (s3 The Dinner Party) she warned him of his hatred but he ignored her. He ignored positive guidance.

    Yet when Damon met Sage he was drawn to her and he took her advice. Sage taught Damon to go after the women who cover themselves up. When Damon says ‘what if they don’t want to…?’ Sage replies ‘You’re a vampire – you take it.’ Sage is darkness like Katherine and he takes her advice.

    I do believe that Damon will undergo growth and learn to be remorseful but until then he will remain a monster.

  • shoe20

    You see in my post I agree the SB command was an action. The result of the command was to suppress all emotions. Emotions to me are love, hate, compassion, fear, ect : and feelings are how you act on your emotions. With emotions suppressed there is nothing to express you feelings about. They are not gone just suppressed. The result of the SB (even though indirect) is an Elena with little or no emotions or feelings.

  • shoe20

    If you shut off humanity and emotions you have nothing to feel about, doesn’t that effect all your feelings?

  • Georgia_Peach

    NO! It really is not that hard to understand. Action= Turn it off = there are no emotions

    Sire Bond does not and will not affect Elena’s feelings when her humanity is back. The Sire Bond will onlu affect her actions if Damon invokes it.

  • shoe20

    Action= Turn it off = there are no emotions
    There fore no feelings. I’m not projecting what her feelings will be when her emotions return. I’m only referring to now. If her feelings for Damon are gone next ep, what is the reason? Maybe this is something we can’t resolve, but I do appreciate your response.
    It’s Hard for me to reconcile a SB based on feelings that has no effect on feelings. I respect your knowledge of the series and your effort to respond. tks

  • Gwen

    Nope, Damon does NOT prefer Stefan as the ripper – Damon referred to Stefan as a “Cocky Ripper Douche” in Season 3 not exactly a ringing endorsement of Stefan’s lifestyle.

    Damon also Loved Katherine and we have witnessed caring moments towards Rose, Alaric, Carol Lockwood, Sheriff Forbes, Bonnie, Jeremy, Rebekah just to name a few – Less Monster more Human/Caring (even Alaric mentioned Damon’s having redeeming qualities in comparison to Isobel-pure evil per Ricks words – outside the grill in Season 2). No one ever said Damon was a boy scout, he is a vampire and like all vampires (including Stefan) they are monsters, predatory creatures, but Damon has been open and has shown positive change. What Damon did before MF is still being revealed (70’s flashback next week with some insight to his relationship with Lexi) right now all we know is that he was not a ripper, did not kill his own father, and did not kill and entire village of women and children. If Damon was drawn to darkness, chances are he would have participated in those events with his brother. In addition if Damon was drawn to Darkness he would have never fallen in Love with Elena when he returned to MF, but would have continued to pursue Katherine. What we have been told by the writers and JP is that Damon is looking for Love & Acceptance.

    With regards to Sage, I believe she was teaching him Snatch, Eat, Erase and later Damon added healing his victims, instead of draining / killing them. This to me does not seem like the act of a complete and all consuming monster.

  • San

    Vamplena is a fresh-tail gal (lol)…My beloved Brothers, sorry, but ya’ll can’t handle her right now. Looks like she don’t want to hear your “when I was” stories. Elena is going to leave you both in the dust until she is ready to be caught…she is going to be doing all kinds of kwazy. The only thing they can do is make sure she doesn’t do too much damage to others and herself. At least Damon she is not boring because we know how bored you get easily :) ..Looking forward to NY and a Elijah cameo :)

  • shoe20

    here – here

  • shoe20

    Slow it down and you will see she is teasing and provoking with her eyes and gestures. After her smile she looked down for the result. Stefan did the same.

  • Georgia_Peach

    When Damon invoked the sire bond and told Elena to turn it off, her emotions were suppressed. Therefore she doesn’t care about anyone, which includes Damon, or anything right now. Her emotions are dormant. Eventually her emotions will come back, but it will be up to Elena to allow them back in when she is ready. The sire bond only exists due to the deep feelings Elena had for Damon, her vampire maker, before her death. Julie said the sire bond will be addressed in this next episode. I suspect the sire bond and Elena’s feelings for Damon will be dormant until Elena’s humanity is turned back on.

  • Phoenix

    Hmmm..I will not get into the whole psychological debate of is there a difference between emotions and feelings and if yes, which one, although it’s one I find definitely interesting! :) It seems it all depends on context as usual and anyway we don’t know the stance of the writers on this. So, I reread your initial post and I guess what struck me was that the first line about the SB affecting feelings seemed a very…hasty conclusion. To me what happened in the scene where Damon invoked the SB was just: Person A has power of command over Person B, Person B has a switch that can be on or off, so Person A commands Person B to use that switch. It so happens that this switch is a humanity switch, but it could have been a sleep, hair growth or doughnut-liking switch for all it’s worth :) ) …But I agree that Elena is emotion-less “as a result” of the SB since it was the tool used to get her there, but still not that this is evidence that the SB affects feelings (or emotions or both :) ). My two cents ! Have a nice day, all :))

  • napoli

    Caroline, Anna, Pearl and Lexi all chose not the feed off people. Stefan tries his best not to become the ripper so he won’t hurt people. Ignoring the other vampires in the show doesn’t make Damon look good. I absolutely agree with you that vampires are predatory creatures but to act out that way is still a choice. As Elijah said Mother didn’t make us monsters. We did that to ourselves.

    It’s Damon’s lack of remorse and his belief that what he does is his right that is the problem.

  • napoli

    How can it be consensual for Elena when she doesn’t know what it is? Elena specifically asked what do you mean personal. Damon said just drink. She was starving and Damon took advantage of her. Of course she enjoyed it because she was starving.

    It’s the same thing if someone sexually assaulted who was drunk or passed out. Just because the victim does not recall, does not understand and/or was not able to consent to the sexual act – then it is still sexual assault.

  • napoli

    Damon compelled Caroline to be docile and agreeable. Even if initially she wanted to be with him once he fed on her and she did try to escape from him but he overpowered her. Caroline was no longer able to choose to be with him because she was compelled. Even when she bragged to her friends that was a by-product of the compulsion.

    Even Andie saying she loved Damon because he compelled her to say that. Andie told Damon he can booty call her whenever he wanted prior to knowing about what he is and prior to him compelling her fear away. Once she was compelled she had no choice but to be docile and agreeable. For the dinner party she protested that it was too sexist Damon’s plan for her to recommend the men take their drinks in the study and the girls can do coffee in the kitchen. But even though she protested and said it was sexist she had no choice but to do it because he compelled her.

    When Stefan told Damon that he was victimizing Andie. Damon’s response it that Stefan should be thankful because it keeps him from going after what he really wants (Elena). Those are not the words of someone who loves his girlfriend (Andie).

    Once Elena renegotiates the deal with Elijah Damon is angry and Andie tries to console him. Andie is in her bra and underwear and he says ‘I thought I told you to leave’ Her answer ‘ You didn’t compel me. I want to be here. Just let me be here.’ Damon grabs her violently and says ‘I’m upset. You know what happens when I get upset. You have to leave.’ She says ‘No. You need to know that somebody cares about you. I care about you.’ Damon’s response? He violently feeds from her and throws her to the ground. As she’s crying curled up on the floor he seems to be worried about what he has done and he compels her ‘Get out of here before I kill you.’ But I suppose it’s Andie’s fault because she deserved to be abused. It’s always the victims fault even though Damon has been compelling her to be docile and agreeable – it’s always the woman’s fault right? Because he’s big bad vampire who needs to feed then it’s ok to abuse in other ways too?

    Damon was nice to Andie in one scene when she told him to go get his own drink because she was going off to work. And I’m supposed to feel bad for Damon when Stefan killed her? When days later Damon is right back to flirting with Elena? Damon never loved Andie she was his play thing.

    Let’s be clear Stefan killing Andie was disgusting and wrong. But Stefan was also under Klaus’ reign of terror forcing him to be the ripper again and he killed Andie to keep Klaus from killing Damon and from discovering Elena was still alive. So even though it was wrong and bad it was done with a purpose. Isn’t that what Damon said that being bad with a purpose is ok?

    When Damon killed Lexi he did it to save himself. And Lexi was Stefan’s genuine best friend for over 100 years. I didn’t feel bad for Damon because he didn’t love Andie. I felt bad for Andie because she didn’t deserve to get caught up in this mess.

  • Georgia_Peach

    Andie was only compelled to keep Damon’s secrets and that is all. The writing of the show made that very clear. Everything else Andie did, she did willingly. No one ever said Damon loved Andie Star. He like her, but he did not love her. Andie was a distraction from Elena, whom is the one he genuinely loves. As for going to the extreme of killing Andie, all Stefan needed to do was make a phone call to Damon and tell him what was going on. However, the writers did not choose to go that route.

    Damon did not kill Lexi to save himself, he killed Lexi to protect Stefan and himself. It was part of his overall plan to earn the trust of the sheriff and the council in order to live in Mystic Falls. Damon offered Lexi up as the vampire they were searching for.

    Yes, again Damon was brutal to Caroline when he first came to Mystic Falls. He could have cared less about her and used her as a means to an end = getting into the Lockwood Mansion and retrieving the pendant Emily gave him. However, Damon did help rescue Caroline from the wolf pack. Damon did speak up for Caroline go Liz in regards to the fact the Caroline was still her daughter even though she was a vampire. Damon also had no problem with Caroline staying at his house overnight, not did Damon have a problem sharing the Salvatore blood bags with her. Now Caroline is even showering at the Salvatore house. The show has moved forward and the characters have evolved. Dynamics and relationships have changed.

  • napoli

    In 2×13 Damon compelled Andie’s fear. The fact that he told Alaric that he only compelled her to keep his secret doesn’t mean that he didn’t compel her fear. Of course he’s not going to tell Alaric he compelled her fear. Damon is protecting himself.

    Also Caroline has no choice but to be part of Damon’s circle because all of her friends are par of it too. However Caroline is just as powerful as Damon. Remember the episode when Damon tried to kill Bill Forbes – Caroline totally kicked Damon’s ass. So the relationship is no longer unequal because Damon has no power over her. The fact that Caroline is now stronger is no reason to dismiss Damon’s abuse. Caroline confronted him when she first turned and short of staking him there is no vampire court to take him too. But the fact remains Damon was never remorseful over what he did to her.

  • Sarah<3


  • Debbie

    Based on what we know about Elena and how well she knows vampires, I believe she knew what blood sharing was. She just might not have known how personal it was. She was physically not that bad at that point, scared, desperate but fully aware of what was going on. I strongly don’t believe Damon was trying to take advantage of her or steal her away. I think he was trying to do what was best for her.

    And it shows, she wasn’t really angry with him after the fact, or even guilty. Yes, Stefan was jealous, but he was jealous about a lot of things that d did because he already sensed that e had feelings for d.

    D can be hated for a lot of reasons. I dont think this was one of those reasons.

  • Manon

    Your point being? :)

  • Nisha

    He had two reasons to be in MF, he wanted Katherine out because he loved her, but he killed only for revenge because those kills didn’t helped him get Katherine back. I find it hard to see something as a good reason even for Damon when he blamed innocent people and a part of them were not even founders just because they lived in MF.
    Damon never said he wanted Stefan gone. He said he wanted Stefan to remember who he is and force him to drink HB, he wanted his brother back and he wanted to punish him, both.
    Damon couldn’t continue to kill people because he needed to keep a low profile because the founders were onto them and Damon sacrificed Lexi to stop the founders from looking for more vampires, because he didn’t want to get anything in his way. So this is the reason why he stopped killing and for no other reason.
    and then he found out Katherine was playing him and he started to change.

  • Nisha

    Here is a quote from IS
    “Damon misses his brother and his girl and he wants them both back in his life,”

  • Georgia_Peach

    Considering it has been established that the older the vampire the faster and stronger they are, it was ridiculous and bad writing that Caroline could beat Damon up. This was an example of not keeping up with their own Mythology and tooting Caroline’s horn. I never expected for Damon to be remorseful over what he did to Caroline at the beginning of season one. I would be very disappointed if the writers even hinted at that one.

    As for Andie Star, there were interviews with Ian, Julie and Kevin that stated Andie was compelled to keep Damon’s secrets so that he would have someone to talk to. Andie was merely a distraction for Damon, but he did like her. They had a nice friendship going on. The character of Andie Star was Kevin’s idea. He told Ian that Damon needed to be seen involved with a mature woman. Damon is known to be a HOT bachelor, which is why the writers put him with the character of Andie Star. Please understand I don’t care how Damon treated Caroline in Season one. He is my favorite character and his goal to get Katherine out of the tomb was his driving force. In season one I could have cared less if human Caroline was killed off.

  • Georgia_Peach

    If Damon was remorseful over what he did to Caroline in Season one, I would be extremely disappointed in the writers. He is a vampire. Damon did not care at all about Caroline. His driving force was to get Katherine out of the tomb. Damon is my favorite character and I was hoping he would succeed in his goal. It didn’t happen. As far as I was concerned, in season one Caroline was one of the most annoying characters on the show. I did not care if Damon killed her and at times I was wishing that he would. Once Kevin decided to turn Caroline, I thought she was awesome as a vampire, but right now not so much. The writers have turned her back into Season one Caroline. However, when the writers had Caroline beat up Damon I thought that was terrible writing and was only put in there to toot Caroline’s horn. The established mythology was the older the vampire is the faster and stronger they are. Having Caroline, a newly turned vampire, beat up Damon, who is the older vampire, was beyond ridiculous.

    As for Andie Star, that character was brought in specifically so Damon would have someone to talk to and as a distraction from Elena. Kevin, Julie and Ian had interviews regarding that character. Kevin wanted Damon, who is known to be a very HOT bachelor on the show, to have a mature woman to parade around town on his arm. Andie was only compelled to keep Damon’s secrets. Damon was not in love with Andie, but he did like her. Andie was in love with Damon. That was established in interviews and on the show.

  • lolalovestvd

    Who knows? Anything is possible this season, right? I mean, they KILLED Jeremy. :((((((

  • lolalovestvd

    Awwww, thank you! <3
    I think Stefan fans are suffering in a way that all Damon fans should understand and identify with. It's hard to watch your favorite character hurting.

  • Gwen

    You forgot Damon, he no longer chooses to feed from humans (mostly recently the pizza delivery girl at the lakehouse – cute little exchange – but no feeding from the lake residents), and in fact Dr. Fell uses his blood to heal people (he could have snapper her neck for blood jacking him).

    I agree Stefan tries his best but he is a bloodaholic, and the risk if he ever loses control is major damage, he might be remorseful afterword but tell that to all those people he just killed.

    OK…Let’s take a look at the other vampires – Pearl and Anna although short storylines, still very strong powerful dangerous vampires who could easily turn into monsters if crossed, Pearl initially wanted revenge against the town, we will never know if she would have truly lived in peace if she stayed in MF. Only example we have of her ruthlessness is when she gouged Damon’s eyes out, and she allowed the tomb vampires to feed off that poor women in the farmhouse outside of town. Anna turned Ben McKittrick and Logan Fell into vampires (both were killed) to get what she wanted, she also feed from Jeremy. Caroline feed from the nurse in the hospital, killed the guy at the festival, feed from Matt (and almost killed him) at the watering hole and she feed from the cop when saving Stefan and Damon from her mother. Waiting to see what Lexi was like in the 70’s. The point I am making is that I agree 100% about what Elijah said, what I have seen on the show to date (with the exception of Jenna), each vampire has done monstrous things some more than others and to various degrees, but we have also seen the humanity in them – wanting to be better than monsters (like Pearl letting go of her revenge) including and especially Damon.

  • Just Me

    Nisha u do realize u just gave Robin the link that proves her argument right?

  • eve

    Hi Georgia Peach, “talk to the shoe”…..yeah that’s a pretty arrogant/cocky attitude Elena’s walking around with. If she’s trying to act all cool….badass…..whatever……she’s failing miserably.

  • Georgia_Peach

    More like “talk to the hand” because she is not listening, but that really is not a surprise considering she has no reason to care right now. However, I don’t see cocky or arrogant …. just a lack of care or concern. We’ll have to wait and see how it all plays out.

  • eve

    Hi again Georgia Peach, I’m probably being a little hard on her because the two clips we’ve seen she just seems like…..I know I’m going to do whatever….like it or not because I could care less what you think. Like I said if she’s trying to be badass or whatever…..she’s failing because (guess we’ll agree to disagree….LOL) it just comes across as a…..cocky….she knows whatever she does Stefan and Damon will follow her arrogant badass wannabe. LOL

  • lolalovestvd

    “I don’t make up intentions that aren’t true, either.”
    Actually, I thought that’s exactly what your previous posts did but I guess that was just my opinion and interpretation of your words. Of course, since we’re all entitled to those, it’s no worries either way. No insults intended. Looking forward to TVD Thursday. ;)

  • Nisha

    ??? When Robin claims Damon definitely wanted Stefan gone and IS says Damon misses his brother and wants him back, how can she be right?

  • Nisha

    Stefan never claimed to be a saint, so?? I wasn’t even talking about Stefan, only Damon and his motives which Robin claimed to were to get Stefan out of town and I disagreed. U can dislike Stefan’s dark side and ripper side, I love it and find it interesting. So be it, all characters are on a journey. Stefan said You don’t know “What I Look Like ” when I’m not in love with you, he didn’t say she wouldn’t know “who I am” or “what I am” when he is not in love like her.

  • Just Me

    O right my mistake. That’s what I get for putting my two cents in lol. I had read where Robin mentioned Damon did it for love. The article most definitely proves Damon’s motives were in fact love driven.

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