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Posted by | January 18, 2013, 15:05 (MST) | 258 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Want a taste of next week’s episode, Catch Me If You Can (EP411)? Here’s a clip from the CW, in which Rebekah actually uses the term “Team Klaus” while hatching her plans with her new ally.

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  • wednesday75

    Good Lord! Get some sleep! Let me know when you get signed up on the other side. Glad to hear he’s better. Have a good night.:)

  • shila1307

    I signed up on tvd1proboard as moshe12. The other site is in error mode. Nighty night :)

  • wednesday75

     Ok sounds good! I’ll email you later & share my thoughts with you on what we were talking about:)

  • Kate

    Hey there! I try to delete comments that personally insult anyone or are obviously offensive, but if you see something inappropriate, PLEASE flag it! There are a lot of comments and sometimes things slip through the cracks. We need your help to make this a place you find useful. Thanks!

  • Kate

    Hey guys, please remember to limit your personal back-and-forth chitchat – these comments are for ALL fans to discuss the matter at hand and personal conversations make the comments very hard to read for the thousands of people who are not involved in the conversation. :) Thanks!

  • shila1307

    Thank you Kate We will try! :D

  • wednesday75

     Yep it was me on there, you found me. I responded to you. I was having an issue so you may have gotten it twice! Let me know. You might want to delete your note above now that your on it!

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