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Posted by | February 7, 2012, 14:59 (EST) | 143 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Oh, hey, check it out: that Dangerous Liaisons (EP314) webclip finally turned up via an official channel. Who’s excited? It’s going to be a long week waiting for Thursday, and we’re not sure if this webclip will help with the wait or make it worse! GREAT BIG SPOILERS for Bringing Out The Dead (EP 313), so watch at your own risk. Damon, Stefan and Elena are all in this one, and everybody is a little on the cranky side.

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  • Jenna

    You just reminded me of this season’s episode three, where Damon gets poked and pricked by Klaus while Elena is outside talking to Stefan… Damon saying to Klaus, take me, I’m so much more fun, leave Stefan, all because he wants to give his brother an opportunity to be with Elena again. Then they get in the car and it’s him asking Elena ‘are you ok?’ It’s like, hello?! The guy just got used as a pin cushion so that you guys could have a trip down lovers lane… where is the gratitude?!!!

  • Jenna

    I think we have to agree to disagree on that one :(
    The kiss between Damon and Elena should have been about Damon and Elena… not guilt!!! Damon came across a selfish jerk, after realizing once again that his brother sacrificed himself for him!
    I guess I want to see their relationship be more than just that kiss, and I don’t see how that is going to happen without it being a betrayal of Stefan!
    Damon KNEW he was betraying his brother and felt guilty about it and said ‘to hell with it’… so for now I guess if Elena and Damon get together… I just don’t see it!

  • Anonymous

     Really! I seem to recall the episode back in season 1 when Anna took Elena and Stefan was trying to find her, he asked Damon for help and Damon told him he hoped Elena died. Damon wasn’t always concerned for her safety.

    And the other time was when he told Stefan he would rip Elena’s heart out and snap her neck if Stefan didn’t give him the grimoire. That’s concern for her well being. He’s so romantic. It kills me how people have selective memory. Back then Damon didn’t care what he had to do to get Katherine back. Look what he did to Bonnie and Caroline.

  • Jenna

    I agree with you that Damon’s nerves are wearing this because of Stefan… totally see that… But I am talking about Damon’s attitude with Elena this season, he was different, he’s back to his edge again… I do think it’s the fact that Stefan is back in the pic!

  • Anonymous

    Damon did help when Anna kidnapped Elena.  As for Damon wanting the grimoire in order to get Katherine out of the tomb, Stefan and Elena never should have deceived him. That was very mean spirited on their part.  I never understood why Stefan did not help Damon to begin with.

    Really?  You have to go all the way back to the beginning of season one when Damon hit town and was there for one purpose – Getting Katherine out of the tomb after waiting 145 years for the celestial event.   Once Damon got to know Elena, he immediately cared whether she lived or died. 

  • Jenna

    I don’t know that anyone is asking for two seasons of Damon and Elena… the point is that the story was told in a way that led us to Damon and Elena at the end of seaosn 2. There are some who don’t care about the story and just want to see their favorite couple on the screen.
    IMO, they have built this beautiful story about Damon and Elena and many would like to see where it leads!!! That’s all.
    To be honest, I am not thinking endgame at all, why should we? We are in season three and they expect to have at least 5 seasons of this show… so why worry about it! Just trying to enjoy the show!
    I do agree with you that the way the kiss happened between Damon and Elena, it may be a stand alone thing for now! I don’t see Elena’s character being with Damon without feeling guilty at this point! Even if she is with him, she will feel that she is not doing right by Stefan… and Damon deserves more than that!

    BTW, with Stefan and Elena, they met and boom they quickly became lovers, with Damon and Elena they have gone through every emotion you can think of together and they have quite the history with each other!

    I do see why people loved Stefan and Elena together, they have had some very touching moments… just hoping we can see the same chance for Elena and Damon to have their story told!!!  However many seasons it takes… but not too many! Their story is epic too!

  • Jenna

    You are right, but wow you are really reaching far back! Way back!

    The point is that since Damon fell in love with Elena, he did all he could to keep her safe, regardless of the fact that she was never with him, or was ever going to be with him!!! Stefan says he loves Elena, but then behaves the way he does!!! That is the difference I think people are talking about!

    Damon can certainly be evil but he really protects the ones he loves, no matter what the cost!!! I think the same is true of Stefan, that’s why his behavior right now sort of has me reeling!!

  • Anonymous

    As far as Damon is concerned Stefan was never out of the picture, or Elena’s heart.  Damon is not only frustrated with Stefan’s behavior, but with the fact that Elena refuses to admit her feelings for him.  Damon kissed Elena and she kissed him back.  That is what cannot be ignored and it cannot go back to business as usual.  With this much frustration I’m sure Damon will be taking 3 steps backward and do something he will regret.  That is inevitable.

  • Anonymous

     As you know I am a big Stefan fan and have become very frustrated as well. You’re right. You don’t know whether he is coming or going. It’s like the writers don’t know what to do with him and have written themselves into a corner. He acted jealous when Elena told him she kissed Damon and then he punched Damon later when he got back to his house. Then he told Damon he loves her and know he acts like he doesn’t care if she lives or dies. Then he turns around and wants to go to the ball with her. The writers aren’t doing Stefan any favors by making him look like a jerk. It makes no sense. If they could explain his bizarre behavior I might be able to accept it a little more, but it just seems like a bunch of BS to me. Make a decision and stick with it.

  • tamara

     lmao, thanks for proving my point.  You crack me up.  btw, one of wednesday’s point was you said “Damon has always cared” she just pointed out that it wasn’t always the case when his mission was to get the love of his life Kat back.  He could care less about Elena then.

  • Anonymous

    I nearly choked when I read ilvd’s comment that Damon “kinda seems gay” and that in Season 2 he’s “very feminine”.  My dearest fan, I wonder what your standard for masculinity is if you think Damon is gay!  Based on what I’ve seen, and I’ve seen every episode, there’s not a gay bone in his vampire body.  I think I’m a pretty normal heterosexual woman, and I respond very strongly to the masculine vibe I get from him.  My “gaydar” is not triggered by Damon Salvatore!

  • Jenna

    Very well said by a Stefan fan!!!

  • Canderella

    But that is the wickedness or let’s say weakness of his character! I think the writers and Paul are actually doing a pretty damn good job right now. Stefan always seemed so good, so altruistic, so ashamed, so humble. Now we see the actual fight boiling within him, and Paul does play it so well, with a poker face unbeaten and the audience knowing about his dilemma, his twists, his ambigious feelings makes it so much more spooky. I am sorry when i miss the right words so explain, but Stefan’s dark side is so much more subtle and hidden to the eyes of a superficial view that it is simply amazing. He as always been totally ambigious about what he is or wants it’s just that now it is getting pretty obvious in which dilemma he is. Does any of this make sense to any of you…? Sorry for the slight chaos. So tired this evening.. But had to write as my amazement of Stefan really built up last couple of episodes. I really love it by now what the writers are doing here. Almost as much as I dislike what they did to Delena :(

  • Jenna

    Wow… you may have a point. So you’re saying that this weird cold and hot with Stefan is him trying to figure himself out? Or that is who he is as a baddie? Spooky, that is a good word for it…

    I’m glad that a Stefan fan is seeing it and is frustrated with him. I was getting a bit tired of Stefan last season, wanted to see him get dirtied up a bit, man up, but I find this Stefan spooky like you say, so strange! But maybe that is the point! I do have to say though, I never got ripper Stefan who is worse than Damon, so far!!!

  • Zara

    Yeah but she’s probably lying about loving Stefan more, that’s the beauty of Katherine, you never know what lies behind the surface and I know deep down, she loves both brothers like Elena and I would say that Kat loves Damon more than Elena in someways as he isn’t controlling over her and that they have a lot of similarities. Katherine knows that Stefan is deeply in love with Elena, so there isn’t much chance there and she knows that but if he hooks up with her, Katherine isn’t going to complain because after all, she loves him and she is the one who claimed to want him etc. and that is the smartest way for Katherine to have Damon let go of her, but even with that, she still saved his life with the assistance of Stefan in 02×09 and gave him Klaus’ blood in 02×22 whilst Stefan doubted that she would give it but she did because she loves Damon but lied to him about never loving him as well as only loving Stefan. Why bother to save Damon’s life if she didn’t give a flying monkeys about him? and why bother to help in the plan at all? I know she wants Klaus dead but she didn’t have to play a part in it as they would have already went along with the plan either way. 

    Katherine has had moments of truth, like when she told Elena “It’s okay to love both. I did” and in 03×09 “I loved you, I’ve loved Damon, too” especially the latter because she sacrificed her own freedom, mainly for Damon’s sake because if Klaus died, Stefan’s compulsion would wear off. What Katherine is doing is what Isobel did to Alaric (Except, Katherine could not compel Damon as she is not an Original), except Damon loved everything about Katherine but she knew him well enough that he was angry, jealous etc. at Katherine loving Stefan as well, so she lied and said she loved Stefan and not him and that would effectively result in him letting her go. 

    And she knew that Stefan was deeply in love with Elena so there wouldn’t be much of a chance there, especially when she knows he was the brother “who didn’t love me enough” but if he hooked up with her, that would be a bonus. I mean, Katherine wouldn’t turn Damon down either but after she found out that he wanted a serious, committed relationship she had to be harsh because Katherine couldn’t be in that kind of relationship with anyone, especially when she is on the run from Klaus. That’s not fair to the man she loves and they could be a weakness to her as they could be taken as a hostage by Klaus, Elijah etc. until Katherine succumbed.

    Furthermore, it might be Katherine’s revenge since Damon’s love for her was “inconvenient”. How could she be with anyone, if she’s dead or getting tailed by a revengeful Original(s)?
    Last but not least, if Katherine admitted and confessed her love to Damon, Delena would not be developing (perhaps, very slightly but nothing that will have any effect and Damon probably wouldn’t have been bitten by Tyler, meaning that shit with Klaus and Stefan wouldn’t happen meaning that Stelena would still be together and happy, as would Datherine) because they probably would have left Mystic Falls and visited occasionally. However, this is a love triangle atm between Stefan, Elena and Damon so the writers can’t be it that easy. What true love means to Katherine: “It’s means waiting, even if you have to wait forever” and she will for either Stefan or Damon and if not, they are clearly not worth it; Datherine just need to overcome their hardships like Stelena because true love is about fighting and believing  and I want her to come back soon and have a heart to heart with Damon; he deserves to know that she was the one behind saving his life. It just would seem so unrealistic in my eyes, if Stefan grows to love Katherine more and Elena growing to love Damon more than Stefan because we have seen throughout this entire show how much they love each other in the perfect sense, not overly obsessive since both characters value family more and Damon at times doesn’t seem to understand that, if he does I would love him a lot more and have more respect for him since Stefan put Damon before Elena quite a few times now, so him kissing the girl his brother loves is not good payback – I can’t blame Stefan for feeling betrayed after everything he did and I know Damon didn’t ask to be saved but he sure as hell should be thanking him by stepping down like in 02×08 but Damon is ever so persistent, at least Elena put a stop to it because she thinks “it’s wrong” since she isn’t over Stefan and deep down, she never will be since he’s her true love. Which is why I don’t see Delena and Steferine as solid ships that are endgame, sure they’re hot etc. since the love/hate, opposite attracts thing is interesting to watch but after a while, it’ll get boring and it won’t be worth the hassle since Katherine becoming like Elena to be with Stefan defeats the point (might as well be with the original!) as is Damon becoming like Stefan (and to point out, Damon doesn’t pull off being a goof ball in love very well as he tends to get overprotective and obsessive) and Katherine, she’s awesome and BA, no need for another Elena! Because I can’t see Stefan and Elena drastically changing because Stefan’s ‘bad’ side is just an act and Elena is becoming ‘stronger’ to protect herself and so she can accept and love the stronger Stefan (Elena didn’t like Damon acting like a vampire in 03×04 because unlike Stefan, Damon doesn’t have issues with HB etc. so it was his choice to act that way), (after all the hardships they have been through in S3). They even grew tougher together, whilst Damon has become a softie bodyguard for Elena. Oh, how times have changed. Stefan is acting like S1 Damon but sucks at it since from this clip, you can clearly tell that he loves and respects Elena and that Stelena still have their mutual bond. Also, Damon sucks at being S1 Stefan because his way of protecting Elena doesn’t seem loving, but obsessive and Damon comes across as the jerk in this webclip, not Stefan since he contradicted himself by saying “Before, it’s your job now” to Damon and then saying “Okay, fine I’ll go.” when Damon said to Elena “You can’t protect yourself.” stating that he wants to protect her, despite him saying he won’t lol and Stefan and Elena agreeing is a good thing; even when they pretend to hate each other, they are still on the same page on most things. Unbreakable bond, I tell you and when Delena and/or Steferine, any ship including Stefan and Elena, they will never be as happy with anyone else as they were together. So, I’m predicting that maybe at the end of season, Elena decides to give Damon a chance since she has more developed ‘feelings’ for him and feels sorry for him, after everything he has done for her. Elena has to trial and error, I mean it can’t be any worse than her lack of “passion” relationship with Matt, she didn’t even love him in a romantic sense, so I hope that she doesn’t develop romantic feelings for him, especially when the Salvatore brothers are there. I would rather have a single Elena than be with Delena but she will be for some time and Delena is inevitable so might as well go and get it over and done with. There’s too much hype surrounding it and I guess the interest will die out when they do happen but the majority of fans will be happy for a while. I don’t care as long as Stelena and Datherine endgame. Also, Klaroline is a messed up, manipulative relationship (if it even gets that far, but so for now, I will say friendship), especially since Forwood are amazing and should be endgame too. Beremy is cool as well – I never realised how much I liked them until Jeremy left (Although, I will always love Jeremy with Anna and Vicki. I can’t choose which one is better between the two but I pick Vicki since that was  I actually want him to come back and Katherine too! 

    Sorry for the rant but I had to illustrate my point to you.

  • Canderella

    Yes, that was a part of it. If we look at him he is the one who needs to be loved, who wants to be loved, who desperately wants to be the good one – the ALL good one. But he can’t, not as a human nor as a vampire. He sees himslelf as the good brother – probably from early age on. We don’t know much about their past, unfortunately and this is one point that really annoys be about the Orginals. All the dwelling and explaining while the past of the main characters of the show are so little explored yet.
    But back to Stefan: He has had a very strong older brother, who knows what he wants and how to achieve it. Someone independent of the opinion of others. Stefan always wants to please, his father, Elena, Lexi, … I don’t think he ever had the chance to really find out what or who he really is. Then suddenly he is a vampire – all strong. so superior, with noone to fear, no bondage anymore, no father who has expectations and then everything explodes he ha no boundaries anymore, he can do whatever he feels like. So he totally looses control. And so we have this ambigious guy, wanting to be good, feeling so bad. He settled, he ignored his other side when he came to MF, looking he was the good one, the gentle, the caring, the regretting the sober and rational one. But in fact he is not and that is what we are seeing somehow now. And pleeze, Stefan lovers – don’t take my words as an offend of Stefan’s character, just my simple very own opinion on him.

  • Anonymous

     Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! That’s why I have always had a problem with Damon. Personally I do not find those things romantic, but apparently I am in the minority. Yes he has done some good things since then, but I could NEVER fall in love with someone who murdered my brother right in front of me, I don’t give a d*** if he’s wearing a magic ring to bring him back to life or not. I just have never been able to comprehend how people could want Elena to fall in love with someone who has done things like that to her family and friends. But if they can let bygones be bygones with Damon they are now going to let things go with Klaus as well. Now people want Klaus with Caroline. Have people lost their minds? Are we watching the same show. Did we miss the part where he turned Aunt Jenna into a vamp and staked her in the sacrifice and then killed Elena as well. He was going to use Caroline & Tyler in the sacrifice until Damon rescued them. Then he killed Tyler and turned him into a hybrid, made Stefan go back to his psycho self and shut off his humanity and attack Elena. Everyone thinks it’s so romantic that Klaus saved Caroline when it was him that put her in that situation in the first place when he told Tyler to bite Caroline. People must seriously have selective memory. I know its a fantasy show, but I don’t find these things romantic at all. I’m sorry, but the they’re just lonely and misunderstood excuse isn’t cutting it for me.

  • Anonymous

    Reaching that far back into Season One does not prove anything. Once Damon got to know Elena he did care whether she lived or died.  To think otherwise is ridiculous.

    Keep in mind you are talking to a devoted Damon fan, not a devoted Delena fan.  Truth be told, both brothers should walk away from any type of romantic interest in Elena, who is a human and has proclaimed she wants to get married, have a family and grow old. Both brothers should be her friend and protect her, but when it comes to sex and romance both brothers should be with their own vampire lady love.  As for Damon and Katherine being a couple, I have no problem with that at all, nor do I have a problem with Stefan and Caroline, or Stefan and Rebekah.   I  don’t see how a Damon/Elena/Stefan romance can work unless she turns into a vampire and they spend an eternity as a threesome, or one of the Salvatore brothers die.  Throw Katherine into the mix and you have a foursome.

  • Anonymous

     Yes it was. That’s what I always think about. I guess when people go on and on about how wonderful Damon is, these are the things I remember. This was why I never cared for him was because of everything he did when  first he got there. He may have started helping later, but first impressions you never forget. And I guess people obviously feel the same about Stefan, so to each their own. People say that Stefan and Elena fell in love too fast and it was love at first site. Well I’ve watched a million romance movies where that happens in every one of them and I love them for exactly that reason. I believe in love at first site. I’ve got friends and family who that’s happen to and have all gotten married. Call me a sucker for romance.

  • Anonymous

    yep, exactly what I meant! If you really care for somebody or even love him, you don´t want him to get hurt physically or mentally and you feel hurt if he hurts, right? I usually don´t see that with Elena.

  • Anonymous

    Here we are, nothing gay about Damon at all (although he is so sparkling sexy that maybe even gay men find him alluring). I for my part think- to quote GP once again: Damon /Ian is the epitome of sexiness :)

  • Anonymous

     Thanks. I’m not blinded by his faults. And that’s very interesting to hear Canderella’s perspective on his behavior. That makes alot of sense. Yes I think Paul is doing an amazing job. He himself said he wanted to do something different and couldn’t wait to play bad Stefan, so job well done. I was just getting fed up with people calling him a d***. Like I said, I think the writers were getting confused with what they were doing with his charater though. Maybe if they read Canderella’s comments they would get some better understanding and go from there! LOL

  • Canderella

    Actually I now think the writers know exactly what they do in regard of Stefan. I was disappointed first that we’ve never came to see the Stefan like how he was in the twenties by now (at least this is my opinion, I know some Stefan’s fans think differently about it). But now I am gradually realizing, that we do see the “bad” side of him, and the way they do it or Paul does it is pretty spooky to me and leaves the audience pretty ambigious and wondering. I like that. But then I do not find it all so contradictory. He simply does not do like he says. He says and we know he loves her,  but acts completetly indifferent to completely harsh and brutal towards Elena. That’s human, isn’t it? He is hurt, he is insecure, he suspects her to not trust or love him anymore, he does not want to show weakness in front of his brother. So the safest way for him is to play cool and arrogant. That’s what Damon did all along. And we also knew he does care. But we are simply not USED to Stefan doing it. So we as an audience are forced to rethink our image of Stefan and question it. I like that.

  • Canderella

    Sorry, I actually like to think of Damon as metrosexual :D
    And I do see where this idea comes from… But we had this kind of discussion here before and I know a LOT of Damon fans see him as so totally straight … and so masculine… and so NOT gay… and do NOT want to get him crossing the borders. I would not mind at.all. Doesn’t look Elijah a bit… XoXo?

    *hahaha*…sorry, I have to laugh at my own comment :D

  • Anonymous

    You’re right that it is always about how Elena is feeling and what she wants. She knew how Damon felt about her all along and she used it to get his help in getting Stefan back. Damon & Stefan were both in that situation because of her. She didn’t think about it being emotionally hard on damon one to see his brother falling apart and two to spend so much time w the woman he loves knowing she will go back to Stefan in the end. It’s kind of selfish really. She is definitely Katherine’s decendant because she doesn’t. Consider the feelings of others in the face of what she wants. Both guys have fallen in her web . Almost like a black widow. Still not looking forward to Damon’s heartbreak again but hoping for a little sting for Elena when he does sleep w someone else.

  • Jenna

    Seriously? What about redemption? So no one can ever do ANYTHING to redeem themselves?!!!
    Klaus is a villain, was introduced as one on the show… but it’s awesome to see him feel remorse or to see him hurt and be in agony over what he has done!!!
    He didn’t HAVE to save Caroline, whether it was his fault or not. If he was all bad, he would have never come to her rescue!
    That’s actually what I love about this show, is that we get to fall in love or appreciate characters we hated at one time: like John Gilbert redeeming himself, Isobel, and not to mention Damon!

  • Jenna

    I think Elena has been COMPLETELY unaware of her feelings for Damon… up until episode 10! That’s why she reacts the way she does after the kiss, totally taken back by her response to him!
    Up until then, it was all about Stefan and even now, she doesn’t know what to do with her feelings for Damon. She certainly doesn’t see herself being with both of them… so what is she supposed to do?!!!
    I don’t think she was trying to be selfish toward Damon, they were both on a mission to bring Stefan home… but she could at least acknowledge the lengths he goes to for them! And yes, she knows he loves her, so how about a little compassion and caring for Damon feelings?!!!

  • Zara

    That is incredibly wrong, Elena wouldn’t be alive in the first place if Stefan didn’t rescue her from the car accident with her parents. So, therefore Damon wouldn’t have even met Elena and there would no Stelena relationship or even Delena! And Stefan was the one to save Damon’s life, therefore if Stefan didn’t find the cure or wasn’t willing to become ‘the ripper’ for Klaus’ blood to save Damon, Elena wouldn’t need Damon’s protection; Stefan would have protected her.

    Stefan never called dibs, he was merely being honest about how he feels about Elena. Most people ship Steferine because they ship Delena but I honesty think that they (Datherine) have a better and stronger bond than Steferine ever will. Even with everything Katherine did to Damon and how much he loved her (over 145 years) he still thinks better of her and cares more about her than Stefan does, when Katherine clearly states that she loves Stefan (which comes off phony most of the time, except in 03×09 when she said ‘I loved you… I loved Damon too”.  It’s blatantly obvious that she loves both still but they both are ‘over’ her and in love with Elena, but they both, especially Damon (their bond is unbreakable, just like Stelena) still care about Katherine. I just want her to come back and have a heart to heart with Damon, that she was the one behind saving his life and that she loved him and be honest and open with him. That would be beautiful. Katherine saved his life at least twice, and when she pretends that she doesn’t care about him/love him is just as fake as Stefan’s ‘villain’ act but I suppose she’s a bit better as she tends to lie quite a lot but there are moments where you can see her humanity and that’s when the truth come out. But, I doubt Datherine will be played on because it’s all about Stelena Vs. Delena atm, maybe Steferine will come as a result of Delena, foreshadowed in 02×04…who knows. I hope that Delena don’t become the new Stelena. Damon being like that in that dream sequence was barf city, it really doesn’t suit him! I don’t know why but he always had an ‘edge’ to him and could flip at any given moment, mostly due to the influence of Elena etc. since she’s the one that has the ‘hold’ on him. 

    Delena is not a threat to Stelena, that relationship if it ever turns into one (probably will but who knows?) won’t be long-term. I cba to state all the reasons as I already wrote a long essay about why Datherine is complicated and epic, it’s not as simple as people like to think it is. Even with what Katherine did (She was a cow but it’s in character and really would Delena have a chance if she confessed her love to Damon? No, and Stelena would then have no big obstacle to overcome but this will show the strength of Stelena’s relationship. They have a strong foundation, so I have every hope, belief and faith that they will reunite and be endgame. Come on! That’s like Ross and Rachel not being endgame, just not right is it? I understand and I’m sure all will be revealed throughout the show. Right now, Katherine’s out of the picture but I’m thinking all of this will be play out later.

    Stefan never called ‘dibs’ and even so, he automatically should get it since he saved Damon’s life a few times now, at the expense of his relationship with Elena. I mean, that would make Damon ungrateful and selfish going after the girl his brother loves (more than him, Damon just transferred his obsession/love to Elena but I know that he always had ‘feelings’ for her because she made him become ‘the better man’ except I didn’t really buy it in S3 since he was put in that position by default due to Stefan’s absence and it’s not like he could leave damsel in distress who he believes can’t protect herself, despite her training but late S1 till S2 was a good journey, plus he’s not even that great with Elena in the first place. The only Delena moment I actually rooted for them to kiss was in 01×22 because it seemed fitting but then that was Katherine and their kiss was so much better than the kiss in 03×11 but even if that was Elena, I wouldn’t hate her for it because that was the ‘moment’ but Elena wouldn’t reciprocate that kiss, making things awkward when it should have been a beautiful moment. So, that was even before I knew I shipped Datherine (I thought Delena was starting to grow on me), I actually liked the scene a lot. On a superficial note, Damon and Katherine look better together as do Stefan and Elena but they fit together so well. Two sets of soul mates that have an unspeakable, effortless bond, it’s just situations, people e.g. villains *cough* Klaus etc. that have set them apart and made them become closer to someone who is merely a replacement for the original. The way Damon went straight off to Elena after Katherine rejected him was awful and how he automatically just became head over heels for after that, just screams rebound! I know he cares and has feelings for her but for it to develop, to the extent it did afterwards seems odd. But, hey Damon’s problem is that he loves too much and doesn’t seem to learn from history as he is repeating it! 

    On another note, Stefan is still pushing Elena away so he isn’t calling ‘dibs’, I’m sure that Stefan will open up to Elena and I hope it’s this episode, and I don’t give a flying monkeys if Damon is going to have a tantrum over it. Elena is not Damon’s girlfriend and hasn’t been so I don’t know why he’s calling the shots on what decisions Elena should make. I think that Damon is better off with any other female than Elena, except Caroline since he abused her physically and mentally but other than that anything goes. Bamon have far more chemistry than Delena (I’m not saying Delena don’t have chemistry, they do but I don’t feel the passion and affection, especially from Elena’s side.)

    I’m glad Stefan is sticking up for himself against Damon and so is Elena, so good on him for tagging along as he’s going to provide Elena company for most of the dance (I hope it’s civil lol but Stelena never argue to the extent as Delena do and they’re not even a couple yet. I hate arguments, period!)

    I would say Elena is the worst for him now, since she has the power to make or break him and she has done so in the past but anyway… according to the episode, it’s not happy days for Damon. I don’t know if it’s because of Elena or not but we’ll see. 

    Plus, I don’t have a problem with Damon protecting Elena, the guy can be her bodyguard if he wants but it just makes him look hopelessly love, which I suppose he is but he doesn’t need to insult her intelligence and strength. Damon is treating her like a damsel in distress, when clearly she is a very strong brave young woman, so give her some credit! Stefan even noticed that Elena is “tougher” so she can deal with her own problems and if Esther was to kill Elena, she would be dead beef now! Stefan would never let harm come Elena’s way, I know he ‘hurt’ Elena (His reasons for doing so was to protect her from him and to punish himself as well) but Stefan wouldn’t allow anyone else to hurt the girl he loves (except if they are more powerful than him but Stefan will still try without hesitation, just like in 03×05, remember he said “Elena means nothing to me anymore” but then had to get compelled a few times to bite Elena.)

    I can’t wait for this episode because I am really curious about what happens with Stelena and Damon. 

    I tried to make this short but it didn’t work out. Sorry.

  • Anonymous

     I agree with you on them being with other vamps. I like that idea. Damon or Stefan being with Katherine. I prefer Stefan, but that’s just me. I would like to see them bring in someone else from Damon’s past. We know they were both in love with Katherine, but Stefan was with someone else like Rebekah. I’m curious to see if this is the case with Sage for Damon.  I mean they’re both over 100 years old. They weren’t monks. I like it when we get to learn more about the brothers past. As fun as the Original storyline is and I enjoy it especially now that Elijah is back, I would also love to see more of Stefan & Damon’s relationships as well.

  • Jenna

    ‘First impressions you never forget’?
    So let’s talk about Elena’s first impression of Stefan, he LIED to her!!! Deceived her, so he could be with her! Then had to come clean later… she forgave him, she understood!
    The point is that when Elena got with Stefan they had not gone through all that she has gone through with Damon! Who she chooses remains to be seen, she may choose neither… but to say that because of first impressions you would never be ok with Damon and Elena is sort of hypocritical!!!
    I have never thought Damon is wonderful. He can be downright mean and vicious… but so what? He admits he IS a killer! But because of Elena’s and I believe even Stefan’s love he has changed and become the better man many times… even despite himself!

  • Jenna

    I just replied to a couple of your posts… I respect that you are a diehard Stefan fan, and it’s hard to have people dissing your favorite character!!! I wish you would give Damon a chance though!!! I know you think he has been a di**, and you’d be right, but he has also done a lot of heroic things for the people he loves! He really tries!!!
    I am glad to see Stefan get layers and get a little messy… being a goody two shoes all the time gets boring really fast!!!

  • Jenna

    Stefan is a man conflicted…

  • Anonymous

     I guess I’m just one of those people who isn’t forgiving when they kill off beloved characters, but that’s just me. We’ll just have to agree to disagree. Sorry I can’t forgive the Aunt Jenna thing. She was Elena & Jeremy’s last remaining parent. But as you’ve probably read on some of my previous post I’m not a Klaus fan. He could save the planet and cry a ocean of tears and I still won’t have sympathy for him. I just simply don’t like the actor or the character. Yes I hated John for killing Anna and Damon for killing Lexi. Which happen to be two characters I came to love. I tolerated John and felt he finally redeemed himself when he died for Elena. Damon had no GOOD reason for killing Lexi other than to cover his own tracks, but he’s saved everyone at least once or twice since then so that’s helped make me like him more. We could all argue our differences till doomsday but like I said before, we’ll have to agree to disagree.=)

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never thought Damon was gay, but I could understand why you think he might look slightly feminine. I think the problem actually lies within the hair and make-up department. I’ve noticed in alot of episodes that sometimes it seems that Ian seems to be wearing more make-up than the girls or at least it seems that way to me. I’m not trying to make people angry by saying that, I just think they could tone it down a bit. I actually read on another website that people were asking if Ian wore eyeliner. I don’t know if  any of the other men do, if so, I guess Ian’s just happens to be more noticeable for that to have even been a question. I first saw Ian on Smallville years ago and when he first came on screen I thought he was a girl because they had him made up to where he was wearing more make up than Lana/ Kristin Kreuk. Sometimes I think the hair and make-up department get really carried away and don’t realize how it looks until it’s airing on TV.

    Here’s a few clips of Ian on Smallville if you’ve never seen him on there. I couldn’t find alot of clips. One is a fanvideo and one is a clip from the show. He was so young back then. Paul also starred  on the show as well back in the 2nd season. This is the 3rd season when Ian was on.

    I thought you might enjoy seeing Paul too. He was Lucas Luthor. Paul always doing pull-ups shirtless. Some things never change! YUM!

  • Swecar

    Finally a DLs clip worth watching.

  • Jenna

     I notice eyeliner on Alaric a lot!!!

  • Swecar

    Damon is sealing the death of DE already. Smh Elena does not play that being told what to do stuff.

    Also, this right here shows the dynamic of both brothers with Elena. Yes Stefan was boring and rarely took risks but he allowed Elena to be herself. Damon is aggressive, he takes charge and he will do whatever he can to make sure Elena stays alive. However it makes her feel like a child and not resourceful. So which works for Elena? This is why they are best together as a threesome. lol It all balances out in the end. No need to decided who is better than the other. They are best as a unit. :)

  • Anonymous

     I know all the actors wear make-up, but I didn’t know if the men wore eyeliner or not. I’ll have to pay attention to Alaric tomorrow night if he’s on it. I wonder if he’ll get an invite to the ball. I always laugh when I think of men wearing make-up because of an episode on Supernatural. Anyone who’s a fan will know which episode I’m talking about. It’s The French Mistake when Dean & Sam play Jensen & Jared on a show called Supernatural! I girl takes Dean over to a chair and tells him she has to put his make-up on and Dean freaks out! It’s so funny! That was one of my favorite episodes. Only they could pull something like that off.

  • Jenna

    I don’t watch supernatural… have thought about it!
    Just started watching being human, from SyFy! It’s a very different supernatural show!
    Yeah, I’m trying to remember the episodes! I really liked the way Alaric looked in season 1 but in season 2 the hair is not doing it for me… and you’ll see the eyeliner! There is one scene he had with Elena especially that I thought jeez I don’t even wear that much eyeliner, lol!!!

  • Anonymous

     I watch Being Human too and you’re right, it is a very different show. Alot darker. I love the relationship between the roommates which is what makes the show so special and think they are hilarious when they are all together! Plus I love Sam Witwer! He was great as Davis Bloom on Smallville. I highly recommend Supernatural. It is an AWESOME show and it’s my favorite. If you like brother relationships, nothing can top Sam & Dean. If you do start watching it, you have to start at the beginning or it won’t make any sense at all. You will see why alot of us compare the Salvatores to the Winchesters. Honestly, I don’t think anything can top Sam & Dean, but I still love my Salvatore boys. If you watched the show you’d understand why I say that. Hope you decide to give it a chance though. Because if you like supernatural/fantasy shows, nothing says supernatural like Supernatural!

    I like Alaric better with short hair. The long slicked back  look doesn’t do it for me either.

  • Jenna

    I do like supernatural shows… but I’m not a huge fan of scifi shows, does that make sense?

    I do want to give Supernatural a chance and true I have to start at the beginning, that’s been one of the reasons I haven’t done it yet… I have a lot to catch up on and it will take sometime. Maybe when TVD is on break, and I have stopped reeling from the season finale I will give Supernatural a shot!!!

    Is Sam Witwer the vampire? Yeah, I like him too! It’s so creepy how his eyes get though when he’s in vampire mode! But I do like him! I’m still warming up to Being Human, it’s got my attention, I look forward to seeing the story unfold for now.

  • Anonymous

     Yeah I know what you mean about liking supernatural stuff, but not really sci-fi shows. Supernatural is purely supernatural. They’ve had everything you could possibly imagine on there and no telling what they will throw at us next. I had a Supernatural marathon myself during the torturous winter hiatus! Had to have something to help get me through that dry spell. If you do start watching SPN, you’ll be so lucky because you don’t have to wait long to see what happens at the end of each season like we did! Not fair! We had to wait months!

    Yeah, Sam is the vampire and his eyes freak me out! It should be an interesting season.

  • CanadianTVDFan

    Damon has also saved many: Stefan (from Logan, Fred, Himself….), Elena, Bonnie (came up with the plan to fool Klaus), Caroline, & Tyler, and prob more I don’t remember. Has done some thing that have not turned out too well but who can tell which way things will go?  He has also killed many.  Damon has also been tortured himself MANY times from different people.
    Stefan has also hurt many: papa Salvatore, random girls in 1864, Damon (vervained & turned), Ben, Amber (some seem to forget about her easily), eastern seaboard…. He has also saved many.
    As I have said before BOTH brothers have done good and bad, one is not better than the other, IMO. They are just different and go about things differently.  But somehow everyone picks on Damon and forgets the bad stuff that Stefan has done. That is what bothers me. Stefan is no angel, but pretends to be, and at least Damon knows that he is not.  The were both kind of on opposite extremes but are both moving toward a middle balance now.
    Elena is not good enough for either of them as far as I am concerned. Don’t really care who she ends up with, I just wish people would take off the blinders and judge them both fairly.  Damon was impulsive & rash & aggressive with things. Sometimes that is what it takes.  

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