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Posted by | February 11, 2013, 14:30 (MST) | 236 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Time for a peek into Thursday’s new episode, Down the Rabbit Hole (EP414)!

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  • karen

     Guess it’s how we all interpret the show. 

  • Wendy

    ihp…I’m guessing this was in reply to my last comment.

    I’ve got to turn my mindset to yours, because it is so dead on!  I’m getting my own emotions involved with Damon and I have to step back and see it from his pov and that’s what you’ve done…TY!

    The part about him wanting her happiness before his own.  I can’t be SELFISH with Damon Salvatore, but it appears I am!  I want my own happiness before he even gets a taste of it…

    Ding…ding…ding!  That’s my problem…I can’t be selfish with HRS, I have to step back and let him be!

    TYTYTYTYTY…you don’t know what this has done for me!

  • Wendy

    Was wondering about you…I’ve backed off a bit too.  This is the first time this week I’ve been on this site pretty much most of the afternoon.

    School…sounds fun!

    Well, if by some chance you get some free time and want to jump in here.  Find this post and let me know your thoughts…

  • Wendy

    Yep, Vaughn is a hunter.  Isn’t that his job, raise Silas and kill him so he can be w/Q on the other side?  So hopefully, we will have Vaughn and D working along side each other, which is why I’m guessing he’s gonna stay behind.

    This is “that” loop hole isn’t it?  The SB thing for JP&Co…there out.

    It amazes me how technology forward our nation is yet we can’t seem to get a PC into MF to look online on how to break a SB…or better yet, BING it on your phone??  LOL!

  • Georgia_Peach

     Stefan was compelled by Klaus to forget Rebekah and Klaus, but even after being compelled Stefan picked Rebekah’s necklace up off the floor and later said it represented “Hope” to him.  I wouldn’t say Rebekah and Stefan were not serious because she was willing to leave her brother, Klaus, to be with Stefan.  Of course Rebekah and Stefan were in a serious relationship back then.

  • Wendy

    No, you just gave me the info I needed.

    It would say something like we work our tails off!

  • sarah

    Hey Kego! I don’t think the writers will go romantic with S/E anytime soon. But I think that we have seen the worst of the storm–and now they are rebuilding their friendship. When they first met it was an instantaneous connection, and they couldn’t stop themselves from falling for one another. Now this time with everything that’s happened I believe the writers are setting it up for them to be friends first and then see them eventually falling back in love with one another (how awesome is it that we could see these two fall in love all over again in two completely different ways–so epic!). To me the writers have constantly been harping on the differences between Stefan’s love vs Damon’s love HEAVY since 4×11. First they made it a point to have Damon/Klaus BOTH say Stefan’s love was strong enough to resist the compulsion when Damon simply could not. Then in 4×13 they have Damon turn down a human life with Elena and tell her that that is Stefan–and then in this clip the writers have Stefan (once again) tell Elena how badly he wanted a human life with her..coincidence, I think not. The writers are ALWAYS careful about the lines they write for a reason and it is always used to set up the future story lines.

    I do think once the sire bond is broken that Elena will still choose Damon. However, I think eventually it will be shown that these two just don’t work as a couple..this will be shown in future episodes. These are all just my own opinions, but they stem from what I believe the tone the writers have set.  

    Also, I really hope Damon saying that does not affect Elena’s decision. As much as it sucks for him, Damon needs to REALLY be careful what he says to Elena and that little remark about not wanting Elena cured could possibly have an effect on Elena’s sire bond (but I really hope not). 

  • Guest

    Agreed Karen, to me she looked as though she was definitely jealous. 

  • Robin Rogers

    She does expect her exes to stay friends with her, which usually annoys me, but not in her case because she honestly reciprocates those relationships in a sincere way. She literally sacrificed her life to save Matt and he was 2 boyfriends ago. She’s a damn good ex/friend.

    She didn’t like Rebekah before she slept with Damon.

  • Robin Rogers

    She knew that about him before though. That was one of their major issues, that when she was a vampire and no one thought there was any way for her to be human again, he couldn’t accept her that way. That placed a condition on his love that was unfair to her and that has not changed. Him getting what he wants doesn’t change how he made her feel.

  • From Beginning To End

     Stefan wasn’t compelled by Klaus when he was with Rebekah in the 20′s.

  • From Beginning To End

     I just mean breaks in between tragic/depressing problems. The excitement and stuff is fine, I just don’t like it when everyone is unhappy for long periods of time.

  • ihatepeople

    We all get caught up in our own emotions that’s why it helps to come here and get a different perspective. I can understand him better based on my own experiences whereas other characters I can’t relate to at all. That’s when other people help she some light for me. :)

  • Iheartdamon

    Wendy I have watched TVD since its pilot episode, and I have been in love with Damon Salvatore ever since. Iv lives his character even through his bad bad boy stage killing people and what not( not sure what that says about me). You can trust him! He means well in all that he does. What you see is what you get with him. :)

  • Iheartdamon

    Loved his character not lived… Darn phone

  • Iheartdamon

    April..hmmm now that you mention her it makes me wonder if she will make an appearance with this cure bit. Not that I’m complaining about her not being in recent episodes, but I thought she would play some part in professor creeps plan..

  • Wendy

    Yea, I was thinking she was like a loaded gun…maybe after the fact??

    There is something about her…she was just to “twitty” for me.  And the last scene she was in with the Mayor and Sheriff Forbes, she was together and had her head on. 

    She seemed to have come together after the Holiday “cheer” ep…Maybe seeing 12 hybrids slaughtered and then your friend boxed up like it’s home will do that to a person!

  • Wendy

    No never that nice!  And yes, when she did start being “nice” it was all about the lips…Wow…those lips, that smile, those gorgeous eyes, that silky voice, the just effed hair, his bod and behind…(sigh) Sorry (smh)…side tracked!

    Maybe this is a question for Robin, but I’ll ask you too:  After watching TVD for 4 seasons, have you ever really seen Elena look at anyone else’s lips the way she does HRS’?  Including Stefan’s?

  • Wendy

    After watching TVD for 4 seasons (burning out your blu-ray), have you ever really seen Elena look at anyone else’s lips the way she does HRS’? Including Stefan’s?

  • Wendy

    Yes, they did that didn’t they?  He is all alone, only Car…see now I love her again!

    Wow, just about anything?  The writing in this series is too structured for them to leave that door open.  I can see what your saying and how easily it would be just to plug something in there!

    Earlier I said it’s Bon, I don’t know…have some more info, now I’m leaning towards Jer.  Why cant it just be Vaughn that ends up dead?

    When Kat was talking about this impending death…she was very emotional as she was talking about it, not the exact emotions she reacted with when she read the script, but she was very hyped up in that interview. 

    I don’t know just have to wait!  Is it Thu yet?

  • raego_826

     With the webclip, We could think that only one person could take the cure.

  • ihatepeople

    LOL. That’s an emphatic NO!

  • Nessa

    exactly I don’t like that look that Damon is giving..its making me uneasy…as if he will enjoy her humanity being switched off

  • shoe20

    So Elena and Stefan are reconnecting as friends, great so how is Damon going to take the news?  Face it ppl Damon’s character is an insecure obsessive compulsive and the focus is Elena.  Damons gona blow because this is going to feed his insecurity about Elena’s true feelings – big time.  Vampelena will have to profess her love, justify interactions with Stefan, and be push away at the same time. Don’t know many women that would sail that boat very long.
    Last week damon gave up his only shot at a long term relationship with Elena ; when he dumped on her human offer. Vamp / human doesn’t work Damon said it himself.  So Vamp/Vamp could work if the SB stays in place, because he could fix any problems personally and mold Elena into the woman he wants.  Vamp/Vamp with no SB (considering there’s a way) will work short term if indeed her feelings towards Damon are real, but not for eternity.  There are no monogamous Vamp relationships!  The longest in the series was Finn/Sage, and he spent most of the time in the box – Sage was the polar opposite of monogamous but did love Finn. 
    Delena has no possibility of children to hold the relationship together during rough patches.  Damon’s bedded half the town; probably in every town he’s been in, now it eternity with one woman.  right! Elena as an unsired vamp will eventually take what she wants – when she wants, and her love for Damon will become just like Katherine’s love for Stefan – No 1 on the hit list but singing “love the one your with”  My advice for Damon – forget the SB and what others think, tap it now cause your doomed to loose it anyway or make the sacrifice and go human and take the leap.

  • Manon

    You’re sure you aren’t biased as well? ;) 
    Because even when I watch every scene with Elena and Stefan (and Rebekah) “objectively” (which really isn’t possible since everyone intreprets the show differently), I don’t see Elena acting jealous at all. And I’m a girl, so I’m not sure what you mean with “it’s a chick thing”. Not every girl acts the same. The only think I saw is that Elena was pissed about Stefan sleeping with the person who killed her, which isn’t the same as jealousy, just hurt. 

  • Kego

    Got your point of view now and I agree with the Damon part.
    But you are wrong with Stefan,you have to look beneath the obvious. You can call Stefan everthing possible,but not selfish. What he said to Rebekah to get infos about the sword was the truth and nothing has changed.

    1. In the web clip scene Elena is in her “all because of me” mode again and wallows in self-pity. Stefan tries as usual everything to make her feel better,so he´s like “No,not your fault! We all have our own reasons to be here.”
    2. BUT he has to be careful with his words,because Rebekah is listening suspiciously. Remember,he told Rebekah that he wants the cure for himself and he wants to keep her trust,so he says to Elena: I never told you,because it has nothing to do with you. Now we are friends and I can tell you my “little secret”.

    Believe me,Stefan wants the cure for Elena. He still loves her and he´ll never be just a friend! But I hope that will change and he can develop deeper feelings for Rebekah. I like them together and I think Rebekah is better for Stefan,Elena is too fickle.

  • Robin Rogers

    I agree that Stefan wants the cure for her too, but I still think he’s had his own reasons for pursuing it from the very beginning that he’s only just now comfortable revealing to her because they’re no longer together.

    I don’t think Stefan even wants Elena back anymore tbh. I think he just wants the cure for her because he hopes that’ll get her away from Damon.

  • William Welton

    Completely second this.  The only thing that could be said is that Stefan was deep into his openly suppressed humanity.  Just cause the feelings are suppressed does not mean they were not there.  The relationship went on for months, seems pretty serious to me. 

  • William Welton

     Nicely said.

  • William Welton

    No, I just think she is genuinely selfless and compassionate.  When she is interacting with somebody she cares about, she is usually only thinking about that person in the moment.  So when Stefan is having a thoughtful moment she is all in, joining him in the emotion of that moment and encouraging and supporting the moment of humanity.  It is not about trying to selfishly keep all her people in her orbit, it is about selflessly being there for them, and wanting to see them grow, comforting them when they are down, encouraging them to be better, and supporting them in the moments when they are taking those steps.  My point is, you have her motivations twisted karen.  She is one of the least selfish people on the show. It’s one of her biggest draws to the characters around her. Elena gives everything to the people she cares about; they try to do the same back.

  • Cookie8792

    I think he would. He liked it when they went to that college party.

  • Kego

    Of course a part of him hopes that a human Elena feels again like before she became a sired vampire. Nothing wrong with that. (Damon hoped all the time that Elena falls in love with him)
    But first Stefan wants that Elena feels normal again,can be human again,can make her OWN decisions. Damon should want this for her as well!

    If this cure exists and it would help just one vampire to be human again I´m 100% sure Stefan wouldn´t take it. He would give it to Damon or Elena.

  • Cookie8792

    LMAO. I love this!!! And you are so right about how Damon acts with her. I’ve been saying that he loves to tell her what to do all the time from day one on that bridge.

  • Robin Rogers

    I think if there was any other way for them to break the sire bond (and I truly hope there is) then Damon would be all for it, but her being human again creates so many other problems.

    That’s a nice thought about what would happen if there was just one cure. I don’t think Damon and Elena would let him do that though. They know how much he’s suffered trying to overcome his Ripperdom. They’d likely insist that he take it instead of either of them.

  • Laura

     There is no easy way in or out from this relationship, is it?
    ” Doomed” and everything Shane and Klaus compelled and hypnotized everybody to think. It worked…The magic of the island is spreading… Ha ha…
    I hope the writers will surprise us !

  • samantha boedigheime

    When you coming Fargo.

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