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Posted by | October 24, 2011, 13:57 (MST) | 141 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Webclip for Thursday night’s episode, Ghost World, is now up! Bonnie angsts, Caroline is supportive, and Damon is not in the best of moods. Watch below, or catch it on YouTube.

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  • Anonymous

    I have never looked at Bonnie as being a powerful witch.  She is a scared kid that does not know how to handle the power she inherited.  I feel sorry for her.  The spirits of 100 dead witches allowed Bonnie to use their power to kill Klaus, but Bonnie failed to do so.  Instead Elijah was inserted into the plan to kill Klaus.  The 100 dead witches are angry with Bonnie although they did help her to bring Jeremy back from the dead but they warned Bonnie there would be consequences in doing so.  Considering all the ghosts crossing over into the land of the living, it looks like the 100 dead witches were correct.

    I do not want the writers to rush Damon and Elena.  Their relationship needs a slow sensual build up to the main event. 

    The second part of the season after the winter hiatus will deal heavily into the Original family.  That should be very interesting and I am so looking forward to it.

    Ouchy!  I do not want Bonnie, Tyler or Rebekah to die.  I am enjoying their storylines way too much for that to happen.

  • guesty

    While I can appreciate your devotion to Damon.  Had it not been for Elena and Stefan stepping in and tossing Damon away from Bonnie and Stefan giving her his blood she’d be dead.  I know you don’t want to admit it but Damon does screw up, alot.  He’s either blinded by his own selfish needs, blinded by his love for Katherine and blinded by his affection for Elena.  Haven’t quite figured out if Damon is doing it to bug Stefan, the whole “I promised you a lifetime of pain brother”, or if it’s because Elena looks so much like Katherine.  Guess time will tell.  

  • Addicted to TVD

     A vampire that was stuck in the tomb in 1864 and when he got out with the other vamps,he tortured Stefan and then Stefan killed him.

  • Anonymous

    …  and in my opinion at the moment he seems to be one of the few people who aren´t blinded … ;)

  • Anonymous

    Like Mason said in the promo clip, he doesn’t want revenge, he wants an apology…So, he doesn’t want to kill him, but to teach him a lesson I guess… 

  • Anonymous

    Oh my sweet Damon was tortured….Please writers don’t make me suffer watching that!!!!

  • Habiba

    I just love his comment.. “when I kill someone they’re supposed to stay dead” simple rule really, but apparently not in Mystic Falls.

  • Anonymous

    Damon looks super sexy in this scene!!

  • Anonymous

    Aren’t we passed this now? The whole “I promised you a lifetime of pain” was said to Stefan BEFORE we knew Stefan is the one who caused Damon to transition into a vampire to begin with. I think both boys have moved on from that, especially since Stefan apologized for doing this to Damon last season.

  • Anonymous

    …he always does ;) (long sigh;)

  • Channel

    Mason was just being sacrastic .He is back to retaliate from Damon who tortured him to death .Now he toying with Damon before killing him . 

  • Salvatore Lover

    I think that as the show progresses we are going to see a lot more in to the Original family and what is happening with the original witch(because I think she has a lot to do with these ghosts)! I like what they are doing with the entire series but I must say that I miss the old Damon, he had a little more spunk than this new one, BUT I like seeing these new sides of Stefan.

  • Stefan<3

    I can’t say I disagree! I miss Damon being the bad brother, and though seeing this new side of Stefan is very entertaining I’m wondering when they’ll bring back good Stefan!

  • Anonymous

    I just watched the webclip a couple more times (can’t stop) and marveled again how it is possible for Damon (i.e. Ian) to be so sexy, so gorgeous, so funny and such a good actor.  Damon, I love you more and more each week!

  • pamela

    Let’s not forget the witch brought back Klause !!!

  • Anonymous

    I think part of his success is that he often doesn´t have to play at all (especially if he puts “his flirt on”) – it´s the way he is in reality. (I´m not talking about the scenes where he shows deep existential crisis of course and he is a brilliant actor indeed, but as soon as he has to be funny, sexy and charming it´s probably just the way he is;)

  • Anonymous

    Thanks. Why would they bring a character like that back?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Guesty, I know Damon has screwed up a time or two.  However, when I post a comment I do try to stick to what has been presented by the writers.  Obviously we will always agree to disagree when it comes to Damon.  Team Damon forever!

  • Anonymous

    Ditto that!  Damon (Ian) is the epitome of sexiness.

  • Anonymous

    And as it were Damon seems to be the one who managed to adapt to vampirism (if that word exists) better than his brother. The lifetime in misery is done since Damon realized that Kat was not in the tomb (and not worth his 145 years of love and loneliness)

  • Anonymous

    A witch not the Original Witch, right?  Klaus implied that the Original Witch hates him or wants him to be alone.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Pamela,
    Help me out here…. when did a witch bring back Klaus? 
    I have not seen anything like that to date on the show.

  • Anonymous

    It would be interesting to see the old Damon and the new Stefan together.

  • Anonymous

    didn´t Klaus`s witch (a man) help him to do a ritual to get into Ric´s body? Was that because Klaus´s body was too weak (I might mix up some vampire lores here) or just to walk through MF without being recognised as a stranger?

  • Anonymous

    Maddox did a spell to allow Klaus to take over Alaric’s body.  Klaus wanted to take a look around Mystic Falls without being seen and find out who and where the alliances were. According to Elijah this is something that Klaus enjoyed doing.  No, it had nothing to do with Klaus’s body being weak.  It was just more of Klaus’s sadistic twisted nature.  

  • Sushila

     I´m looking forward to Lexi in this episode! But please Elena,STOP trying to turn Stefan!! If he is free from the compulsion he´ll know everything what happened and he´ll feel again.
    She´ll break his heart because he has noticed the thing between her and Damon!

  • Anonymous

    Yep, I´ve just rewatched it, you´re right as usual ;) Anyway it is interesting what Originals are able to do. That makes them a lot more dangerous than normal vampires. Damon and Caroline more and more seem to be tamed pets. ( what is a pity, I like them both when they fight with all their powers )But then I really don´t know what witch brought back Klaus.

  • Anonymous

    He was full of hatred against the Salvatore brothers, especially against Damon. He was the one who was responsible for all the vampires being locked up in the tomb for 145 years. And so for his misery too. Damon killed his girl friend what is another reason for him hating him. So maybe he is one of all those who come and hunt Damon. Hopefully he doesn´t take his hatred out on Damon too, it´s enough that Mason skewers him with a glowing stake :(

  • Anonymous

    I don’t remember him at all.  I have Nexflix, maybe during the break I should rewatch the whole series, it’s not like I have a life or something.  

  • Anonymous

    To my knowledge there has not been a witch that brought back Klaus.  He has been around for a thousand years or more.  A witch, after the family was turned into vampires, bound Klaus’s werewolf side and that spell has now been broken.

  • Anonymous

    I think you must be right!  He makes me sigh (and lust)!

  • yalvie

    I think Ana and Vicky are isolated or Limbo because they have unfinished bussiness. Ana with Jeremy and Vicky with Matt. Otherwise everyone should be there. I am sure jeremy thinks about jenna but he can’t see her.

  • Lola Rose17

    OK watching the clip many times,looking at Damon and sigh,a thought(Juliet  :o Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo. Elena : Damon, Damon where were you Damon)

  • Anonymous

    Well to kill Tyler our beloved Elijah must wake from his slumber party with the dagger in first place. Speaking of When will they bring Elijah back. I love him!

  • lovesklausb’s

    Looks like its going to be good. I love the bonnie haters with all the bonnie bashing but I don’t hear them saying anything when shes saving everyone’s ass so as far as her thinking about herself I say its about damn time. Love her and caroline as friends because they get each other, and hopefully once bonnie finds out that her pathetic excuse of a boyfriend is cheating with a ghost I hope she dumps him for a real man. Btw I notice that some people have childess comments on here when people don’t agree with them,but let me tell you not to waste your time commenting back on my post because I only come on here to post my opinion and move on so I suggest you do the same and don’t bother with the attacks because I could’nt careless.;)

  • Anonymous

    The interesting thing about this clip is that it points out off screen active.  These people are being family, and getting very use to each other.  When Matt see Damon, he doesn’t run over to protect the ladies.  Bonnie and Caroline didn’t bat an eye when Damon gave Bonnie orders.  And Damon trusted that Bonnie would fix the situation or at least try, and he didn’t threaten her. I think this interaction would have gone differently the first season.

  • Anonymous

    I want to get back to Iansfan and our discussion about Ian’s acting.  You mentioned that the sexiness, charm and humor are probably part of his personality, therefore not such an acting stretch, and I agreed with you.  But that in scenes like the “existential crisis” scene [with Jessica] acting brilliance is required.  I wanted to tell you that that scene is burned into my mind because I’ve watched it so often.  I think it was the most dramatic scene of the series for Ian, if not for the entire TVD series.  The tears were running down his face and running down mine, and when he stuttered as his emotions overwhelmed him I started to sob (quietly, so I wouldn’t miss what he was saying!).  I later heard him say that he cried for 15 minutes after that scene was completed.  I don’t even want to imagine what things he must have pulled out of his experience that would allow him to reach that state.  Method acting is apparently effective, but a bitch to accomplish.  Love Ian to death for giving us those kinds of moments!

  • Dblokland

    I loved your post.
    To me it seems of late that Bonnie & and Caroline are the best friends. Not Bonnie & Elena.

  • Rachel

    lol! Greetings Blondie, witchie! Damon is just too good :-)

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