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Posted by | April 16, 2012, 14:09 (EST) | 143 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The webclip for Heart of Darkness (EP319) is finally up on the CW’s YouTube channel for everyone to sink their teeth into! Elena, Alaric, deep conversation, and Damon’s attempts at humour!

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  • Jeanettesmail

    Where are you seeing people bashing Stefan? I’m just curious?! I have read all the posts and it’s mainly frustrations with Elena’s disdain at having to be with Damon! I don’t think we need to bash anybody, no need for that!

  • ihatepeople

    Are you kidding me? I LOVE your rant. How did you read my thoughts? Haha. I swear I completely agree with the whole rant. Elena’s behavior since the ball has made me really dislike her character and I never felt that way about her before that even with her Stefan pining. They completely let her stomp on someone who truly loves her and has worked hard to be better for her. I never understood how someone goes from being emotionally close, seeing/talking to someone everyday and relying on them for every support to behaving like they’d rather you just dropped dead so they wouldn’t have to deal with the inconvenience of your feelings. It’s ridiculous. No matter how much you are frustrated by your feelings you don’t treat someone you supposedly care about that way at least out of respect for their feelings.

    I’ve never understood either why Damon just MUST suffer and be the eternal loser in the game of life all the time. I also don’t get why Stefan always is on the winning end even when they were human…everyone always choosing him. I just don’t get it and it frustrates the Hell out of me that this is the theme for him. I get he’s done bad things but so has Stefan yet everyone still loves him. They’re going to do bad things. THEY’RE VAMPIRES!!! Why does Damon have to eternally suffer for his. You’re so right that Damon is about to lose his only true supporter Ric. Now what the Hell is he going to do?

  • tunka

    well, i consider it a Stelena song mostly, for they danced to it as well :) so Delena’s, Stelena’s and Klaroline’s. :) and all fits together.

  • Em

    I don’t know why, but I suddenly feel that this is the end for DE… Perhaps it’s just me being all cynical but sending Elena to resolve her feelings for Damon feels like it’s going to end with her being angry at him and go for Stefan… I sorta lost all my hope for DE to ever happen… :(

  • Canderella

     Really? Elena is scared like hell about her feelings for Damon. For nothing on earth she would allow herself to face them – except for Stefan. She looks like she is going to her own excecution. I guess she knows how weak she is around Damon, I mean, if her guards are down…. and that’s what she has to do, but doesn’t want. I bet a part of her is looking forward to the trip – but she would never admit it to herself or to anybody else. So what do you do? Act like you don’t want to….

  • Canderella

     Yeah, that’s true, too.
    But I was more like… wtf.. u mean: use a condom?!

  • Anon

    That’s one of my major problems with Delena. In order for them to be together, Damon would have to be with a girl who is ashamed of him.

    Being with someone who looks down on you is just soul destroying and I don’t want that for Damon.

  • Anon

    Personally, I feel like Stefan should be down on his knees in gratitude to Elena for her not giving up on him and still loving him after everything he’s put her through this season, rather than being a drama queen and demanding that she not feel anything for his brother.

  • Anne91

    there is another sneak peek:

  • ihatepeople

    That’s because you actually have to have something happen (a real beginning) before you can have it be the end. They’ve made it so DE is an irritation to Elena not a possibility.

  • ihatepeople

    That’s my fear for him as well. Not looking forward to heartbreak again. They’ll just make him go off the deep end like they love him to do.

  • ihatepeople

    She apparently isn’t that weak around him because her stubbornness and determination to be with Stefan wins out every time. I miss their closeness as a viewer even without a romance. How the Hell can she not miss that too?

  • ihatepeople

    Hahaha…”drama queen”.

  • ihatepeople

    Maybe he meant be safe because Kol is there but I like your idea better!

  • Angelus

    Yes, everybody says it ad nauseam, which is really irritating. Why does every single character in TVD need to say that Elena loves Damon? It’s such a cop out. I need to see it on screen, not be told about it by the other characters. Until Elena vocalizes it, Elena DOES NOT love Damon. Just my 2 cents.

  • mary.m155

     Hhahaha RIGHT! That woulda been more like it.

  • mary.m155

     Does Stefan even know that Kol is there? None of them know, only Klaus is aware.

  • mary.m155

     what if Katherine gets killed?

  • ihatepeople

    Idk if Stefan knows but I assumed Bonnie knew because Klaus showed her how easily he could get at Jeremy to hurt him. If that’s the case I’d assume she would mention it at some point. Then again in the synopsis it sounds like Damon and Elean are surprised Kol is there. Hmmm…on second thought let’s go with Canderella’s idea about the condom. LMAO.

  • Ginie

    I didn’t read thorough all the comments but I agree with the ones about Elena’s character. And I think she loves Damon that’s why she’s being sarcastic or rude or behaving like that because she’s afraid of admitting it. She doesn’t want to become Katherine…etc. And now I will be very mean. Elena needs some mind blowing sex because she behaves like a grumpy unsatisfied b…. I hope I did not offend anyone. :)

  • mary.m155

    Ya she needs some for sure..

  • Jenna

    I actually don’t understand why she is even bothering! I mean Damon has pretty much moved on and conceded to Stefan that he won the girl. Why is she opening that sore for him again? She really has very little consideration for him if you think about it in a sense. She is going to get his hopes up just because she is trying to assure herself that she has dealt with her feelings for Damon for Stefan’s sake!!! Because he is pushing her to deal with her feelings! But hello, Damon is really trying to accept the reality and deal with a broken heart! I really hope she is sincere!!!

  • ihatepeople

    I know I don’t find it offensive because it’s true.

  • Jennasmail

    You know, they can’t keep dragging this out like this! Damon running to Elena like a puppy whenever she needs him!!! I get it, he’s loyal to the ones he loves. But this has gotten a little old and something is going to give… we may not like the outcome at first, even if it means Damon gets his heart destroyed again but hopefully they will build his storyline in another direction. I don’t see this whole yoyo thing going on for another 2+ seasons!!! I don’t see how that’s good storytelling! You have to have changes of direction, and arcs and growth, it can’t be the same set up all the time!!!

  • ihatepeople

    I know right? Just let the man’s heart heal and let him move on. Damon has accepted that she doesn’t want him and he is trying to be supportive of his brother and his BFF Ric. It isn’t like he blows her off and doesn’t still save her ass. He already proved that so she’s getting the things she wants out of him without being involved with him. Just leave well enough alone. We all know she only wants Stefan otherwise it wouldn’t be so torturous for her to go away with Damon and she wouldn’t need to be forced. That forcing her to go really rubs me the wrong way. If it were her idea to go I’d say that she really is trying to resolve how she feels. I just hate that she is doing it to appease Stefan. Really makes her look weak. Also, I realize Stefan isn’t trying to be malicious to Damon but he knows Damon was hurt by Elena’s rejection but has accepted it and is trying to move on. Why would you want to subject your brother again to inevitable heartbreak by reopening that wound when you know full well this girl would throw all her feelings out the door to be with you? Are you that insecure that you really need to see your brother crushed one more time just so you can be sure you’re the one and only? He isn’t doing Damon any favors.

  • ihatepeople

    Agreed. It’s emotionally exhausting. Just rip the bandaide off already and let him and us heal.

  • Shannon

    I can see that. 

  • Shannon

    hahahahaah that’s hilarious!! You know what bothers me, what about Bonnie??? I’ve never really been a fan of Bonnie’s but damn she’s the ONLY one on the show that hasn’t gotten any!!! No real love scene, just a few kisses, everyone else has gotten some except her, what’s that about?!?!

  • Jenna

    I think Damon has always been insecure about Damon, since S1! It maybe that Stefan really wants Elena to be honest with herself about being in love with Damon. He sees it, others see it… he wants her to face her feelings and accept them! I also think that at this point Stefan would willingly step aside and let Damon have the girl if she chooses him! I got that impression after episode 15 ‘all my children’… I don’t know that Stefan WANTS to hurt Damon, but I think he really believes that Elena has stronger feelings than she is willing to admit to herself for Damon. And maybe, just perhaps, he wants Damon to be happy in love… who knows?!!! I have a hard time imagining that Stefan would purposely choose to hurt Damon!
    One other thought I had, all this hostility from Elena toward Damon could also be from the fact that she feels HE is the reason why she lost Stefan in the first place… he went to save his brother! He did all he did and became the ripper,, ‘ripper lite’ as I call it, to save Damon. So she may be blaming Damon for all the estrangement she feels with Stefan. If it wasn’t for Damon, she would still be with Stefan and all would as it was!!!
    See, this is an issue I had with Stefan going dark this season, he did it all in an act of heroism, to save who? Damon!!! Always the problem!!! It seems to be their recipe, even when Stefan is bad, we are supposed to admire him because he did it as a selfless act!!! And Damon? He is the one always causing trouble!!!

  • Jenna

    I meant Stefan has been insecure btw, oops!!!

  • ihatepeople

    I don’t mean Stefan is intentionally trying to get Damon hurt but the result will still be the same because he is pushing for Elena to do something she clearly doesn’t want to do just to either confirm his fears or to prove he can be secure with her love. She’s already begged him back and sworn she loves him so why subject your brother to the potential pain of yet another rejection? If Stefan is so unsure about her loyalty then don’t go back with her but don’t push her to your brother either. Let him figure it out if it’s naturally meant to be. I get that maybe he wants them both to be happy but it’s like he is making the decision for everyone. If she had told Stefan she was in love with Damon then maybe I could understand better him suggesting she explore her feelings before she decides. But seriously she has decided.

    It is possible Elena is blaming Damon for the rift between her and Stefan but why now? She didn’t blame him before the kiss? I guess maybe because before she thought he wasn’t getting back with her because of his Ripper phase guilt but now it’s because of Damon. That’s so not fair especially when Damon accepted defeat and backed away yet he still can’t do anything right.

  • Cassie

    I think what John was trying to was that even though Stefan is the bigger person, no one gives him credit, fans as well, they just bash him.

  • ihatepeople

    Yeah I saw that but I knew what you meant. :)

    Another thought…what a frustrating yet aw brotherly moment if they both truly give Elena up for each other. Before when they tried that they were still in competition mode.

  • Ginie

    @Shannon Can’t reply directly, still using IE. You’re right! No bed scenes for Bonnie at all. Except when she was doing a spell with Jer on a bed. LOL. Who knows what’s gonna happen w/ this Jamie guy ;)

  • Shannon

    Hahahaha spell on his bed, HA! That’s funny……UGH!! SCREW JAMIE!! That whole thing feels so forced! i don’t see it, I mean I didn’t care for Beremy wither but I adjusted, I just want this girl to get some, hahaha even though I see no chemistry between Jamie and Bonnie, maybe he can make her happy, she seemed happy at the dance with him, so that’s something, it was just nice to see her smile for once.

  • Cherry

    Good on you, Elena! You go out there on that road trip and you admit you love Damon! Then all will be good in the world of Vampire Diaries!! YAY <3

  • Iansfan

     Hi vamplover, don´t know when you last checked in here but there is a Canadion promo and there you see right what you thought: Stefan tries to hit the hiding place of the stake out of Ric (or Mr. Hyde, can´t see that) and I don´t like that! Damon and Elena kiss, Bex wants to kill all Originals and Stefan tells Klaus the bloodline thing … interesting!

  • Nat


  • Nat


  • Nat

    he IS the bigger person in basically every situation. thats his CHARACTER. 

  • Yo

    Fans that like Stefan/Elena like them for their amazing chemistry and beautiful scenes. Delena fans like Damon/Elena because they find Ian S better looking?! oh and because Stefan is “boring”. im not sure what MORE the writers can do to show u that Stefan is the MOST dynamic character on the show.

  • Yo

    DELENA FANS, you ALL KNOW that this is the Damon/Elena phase of the show. Be happy. get over the fact that Stefan IS the bigger man. OBVIOUSLY theres going to be remnants of Stefan/Elena whilst Damon/Elena is being built up kind of like how Damon interfered in Stefan/Elena’s relationship but unlike Damon, Stefan actually RESPECTS Elena and his brother’s feelings. 

  • Ianlover


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