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Posted by | February 1, 2013, 17:27 (MST) | 314 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Oh, hey, it’s Friday, and that means it’s time for a webclip! Feast your eyes upon this sneak peek from next week’s episode, Into the Wild (EP413).

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  • ihatepeople

    Maybe she lost ocunt. LOL

  • ihatepeople

    I’m a little suprised at that too because his recovery last season was much quicker than the 35 years (or whatever number it was) that he had mentioned it would take to get him back under control. He was starting to work on addressing his darkness last season after Klaus released him from the compulsion but then he ended up suppressing it again to get back with Elena. Truthfully I think Stefan and Elena both are stronger apart because they’re not trying meet the other’s expectations.

  • shoe20

     Your correct – my mistake.  So I guess she is really just like Katherine – with a higher body count. LOL

  • shoe20

    No doubt the series doesn’t have 35 yrs as much as we like it.
    I agree – Elena became Stefan’s crutch, and held him back from change.  How will Elena relate to a more self confident Stefan?

  • ihatepeople

    Only time will tell.

  • Robin Rogers

    No, she didn’t. She just snapped his neck.

    She’s not a Ripper, she’s a Snapper! haha

  • Erika Rousseaux

    I disagree with you. There are other ways for the sire bond to break. If Damon dies (and comes back because Elena would rise Silas and make a deal with him) or even if he just becomes human again the SB will be broken. Damon ‘ll come back as a vampire one way or another and they can live happily ever after :D! Which is what we both want

  • Logic

    I’m not liking that they wait till a day before to the new episode to show the 2nd webclip, we need more than one day to overanalyse it!!! And where is it?? ugh… 

  • Logic

    Just found this on eonline
    MaryAnne: Vampire Diaries spoilers, I am begging you! What’s coming up for Elena and Damon?What’s coming up is big, big changes. “Something happens in the near future, something pretty tragic and terrible and kind of show changing,” Nina Dobrev tells us. “It’s going to really affect every single person. It’s going to especially affect Damon, Elena and Stefan in a pretty crazy, controversial way. The whole show is going to shift. It’s going to be explosive.” That sounds ominous. Any guesses as to what’s about to go down?

    Makes me think Elena does lose her memory… i dont know about you guys but I think its kind of interesting as it would reset the triangle but puts everyone on equal playing field. I personally would love to see Damon and Elena fall in love again… 

  • Sol

    “Lured her into his house, made her drink” omfg…what do you think Rebekah is? 14 years old? Also, didn’t she sleep with Damon right after the party given by Ester? I don’t think Rebekah is so naive and innocent as you think…as per Stefan, he so did try to sneak out of her house… He was most definitely playing her all along and was going to have her daggered until he took pity on her when she called him on that…hell, he had Matt all lined up to dagger her because he couldn’t do it himself! I think at this point, both Rebekah and Stefan are “using” each other because they have nobody else.

  • Gina

    Good gawd!!! That would be heaven…lol

  • Quinn

    I don’t think this will happen as it has already established she had feelings for Damon BEFORE she turned. That would be absolutely idiotic, even for TVD standards. If they blame the sire bond as the cause of Elena having feelings for Damon, they would be back pedaling on all of it. They had made a point of stating that her feelings are not affected, only her actions. I don’t believe they will try to shove down our throats that there was nothing but the bond. I, for one, will be extremely disappointed and turned off by that atrocious storyline, and I would not longer be interested in following a show where no stories are ever wrapped up, and where indecision and bad writing goes rampant…Hello” Being Human”…now, that’s a show…

  • Annie

    I do think the cure might exist but the sire bond IS a hoax. My theory is that they will find out that Elena is not sire bonded to Damon after all (maybe through Dr. fells?) and when he cure is found neither Elena nor Damon will take it. I’m hoping Stefan and Rebekah take the cure and Damon and Elena stay together as vampires (without that damn sire bond cloud over their heads) ..a girl can dream, right? Lol

  • Khatia

    don’t forget that we are watching the vampire diaries and in this show and we will always get things with Delena very very difficlut ways. I wish you are right but I don’t think that would be in as easy way as you said :)

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