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Posted by | May 1, 2013, 16:40 (MST) | 14 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Only three episodes left in Vampire Diaries Season 4! Time flies. Check out a clip of Matt and Rebekah from tomorrow night’s episode, She’s Come Undone (EP421).

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  • Tiffany Wiley via Facebook

    the clip does not show up

  • Logic

    heres the 2nd one also, looks like they do try the dream method…

  • Debbie

    Thanks for posting that, what a great scene I love Damon’s dream sequences…although I know that wont work to get her humanity back too easy!

  • Gabbi

    Oh So Matt can be with Rebecca because she’s an Original, but he couldn’t be with Caroline because she was a Vampire?!!!

    I miss Maroline </3

  • Jean Surico Percy

    I love Matt. He’s so ridiculously honest, it’s sexy. No, he shouldn’t be with Rebekah but they can be friends, right? I mean, she obviously needs someone to tell her she’s being an idiot and he seems more than willing to offer help.

  • night magic

    i love the way Matts always treated her like a human not an original

  • night magic

    maybe he can accept it more now .it would be a shock to suddenly realize the one you love is a vampire lol now he has maybe had time to come to terms with it .i like Caroline and Matt to

  • night magic

    i would love them to get together because he treats her so normally !! but friends is nice too

  • Logic

    and heres another one! looks like they have been a bit secretive this week… Stefan and Caroline…

  • Gwen

    Debbie…I posted this recommendation a few weeks back but I was thinking it might be more of a montage of happier times in her life, but I guess that would have been too similar to “pictures of you”. Looks like they decide to go in a different direction and I agree this approach is not going to work. But I am glad to see they are getting creative before they have to resort to torturing her.

  • Debbie

    I agree, I like that the brothers are trying everything, and only using torture as a last resort. I think its a very sweet gesture on damons part.
    And I’m now sure that anything they throw at her, they’ll know she can handle it. Man, I hope something works this episode…

  • Dblokland

    When I see Mabekah together like this, I’m almost sorry Rebekah is leaving for NOLA.
    But I do remember Plec saying Rebekah still had plenty to do in Mystic Falls. So maybe she’ll go back and forth the first few episodes of The Originals???

  • Gabbi

    Very true this could be just the thing he needed to realize, I hope so anyway I always was a a fan of those Two

  • Gwen

    Nice clip…I really like the way Matt challenges Rebekah and his honesty…we don’t get to see him enough. With the originals heading to NO, maybe we will see more of him in S5. Also, after everything Matt has been through loosing his sister, Jeremy, Alaric because of Vampires I do not believe he will be dating one anytime soon (including Elena). He is the only human character from the original group, he deserves a human girlfriend.

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