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Posted by | March 27, 2012, 12:56 (MST) | 29 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Ready for a taste of Thursday’s episode, The Murder of One (EP318)? The CW has one for you right here:

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  • Marina

    Oh, God, where is Klaus???

  • Georgia_Peach

    This is going to go so badly…,but I do like Stefan’s man bag of secret weapons.

    Caroline: “Oh Elena Gilbert, savior of the cursed and the dammed”.    Now that was sweet…. best friends forever.

  • TeamBamon


  • Cherrie

    This might be the shortest webclip ever! It was only forty five seconds. Oh well, I’ll take whatever I can get! 

    It was nice to see my favorite characters in one scene. Also I would love to see a scene with Caroline & Stefan because I’ve missed their friendship so much. When was the last time they had a scene together? I think it was back in season 2 episode 13. 

    I wonder why they need Matt’s help. No offense but he’s human & there is a high possibility of him dying then the rest. I hope it’s doesn’t happen because I love him. 

    The plan is obviously going to fail because we know Klaus & Rebekah will live at least until the finale. Hmm maybe it’s Finn that dies. Bonnie probably does break the curse that’s linking all of them together.

    I’m sooo excited to see this episode!! Especially after seeing the Delena still with her holding his face. *crying* 

  • Quietriver

    I really hope that that bag does not contain ALL of the stakes that they made.  Hopefully, they were smart enough to keep a few in other secret spots just in case.  But, I don’t think the characters on this show are known for always thinking ahead…

  • katherine_fan

    I was hoping to see a scene with Klaus in it or at the very least not a scene I ‘ve  ALREADY
    seen in the promo!Seriously,what was the point  of that sneak peek?We
    ALREADY KNOW that Abby has abandoned Bonnie and that they have found a
    way to kill Klaus! I don’t understand the reason why the CW people release only one webclip from this show (and not two like they do with most of the other shows) and I definitely can’t understand what’s with the whole secrecy about this show’s episodes!It’s not like the audience will figure out how each episode is going to play out by having watched just one-minute-long clip!In my opinion,the more secretive they are about an episode,the worse this episode turns out to be!

  • Iansfan

     They do not really want Matt an Elena be a part of the “Kill the Originals agenda” do they? Not that they would certainly help anyway but after all the failed plans wouldn´t it be wise to let those two out of the picture?

  • Georgia_Peach

     It is a “free for all kill Klaus moment”, but there is no telling what role Matt and Elena will be playing in the plan.  Klaus, himself,  will not allow Elena to be put in danger, however, Matty Blue Eyes may be expendable …. that is unless Klaus had decided Matty Blue Eyes will be the father of Elena’s children.  (LOL)

  • Iansfan

    Normally Damon and Stefan do not put Elena in danger either. At that they only need to kill one Original what would kill all the others, too, so why do they make such a fuzz about it this time?
    Killing Klaus has almost become sort of a daily task just like brushing teeth, right?

  • Mehr03

    Stefan looks so hot and i wish their plans to take down Klaus fail XD

  • ihatepeople

    Seriously I thought the same thing about the clip being nothing we really hadn’t already seen. I was hoping for more.

  • Alyssa_ca88

    You guys weren’t the only ones to not like this clip…there was nothing new! They could have posted something exciting that would make our imagination go wild. The only part that I enjoyed was what Caroline said to Elena at the beginning, but even then, we don’t know what they were talking about! Seriously CW??

  • Ginie

    I think the other parts were too spoilery. I was disappointed with this webclip too. Hoping for a kick ass episode :)

    Please, don’t kill Klaus! I dreamt about him the other night. LOL.

  • Meftihe Phoenix

    FFS. “Where’s Bonnie?” “Oh we’ve decided to let her grieve offscreen because no Bonnie storyline will ever get airtime on this show”. AUGGHHHHHH $%^&@

  • From Beginningg To End

    Actually I think it said in the plot synopsis that Klaus will force Bonnie to do a spell for him in this episode, so I think she will be in it a lot.

  • Diana

    All i can see is Stefan being gorgeous aannnd the rest is irrelevant xD

  • Alyssa_ca88

    Yeah, I think it did. I think that Klaus will make Bonnie break the link between the originals.

  • Natalie

    I just find it hilarious that Stefan texted Bonnie even though they turned her mother into a vampire a few days ago! Lol. These Salvatores…

  • kego

    This webclip shows nothing new :/
    OMG Stefan… You.Are.Hot!! And how he looks at Elena!

  • Cassie


  • Bucikeko

    It will no longer kill all the originals…the spell could only be used once.

  • mary.m155

    We have basically already seen this in the promo. Blaaahhh. I really have a feeling thatvKlaus is gonna make a deal with Stef and Damon to save himself bekah and Elijah. And they r all gonna kill the other originals. Or something like this. I think that’s why bonnie will b doing a spell for Klaus.

  • mary.m155

    I loved his man bag. That’s HOT

  • mary.m155

    Ya I don’t know why they been telling Elena she doesn’t want Elijah dead, so why would she want to go along with the plan? But I think Bonnie is gonna do an unlinking spell.

  • mary.m155

    Lets hope they hid some!!!

  • mary.m155

    They probably couldn’t give n e thing else without spoiling everything!!

  • Meftihe Phoenix

    Thanks guys, just not sure that’s much better TBH. Maybe one day she’ll be a real character not just a plot device. I know if they wanted to they could easily do it- remember how much we hated Katherine, Elijah and Klaus? Now they’re indispensable.

  • Meftihe Phoenix

    haha you’re right. Super awkward. 

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