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Posted by | November 29, 2013, 13:31 (EST) | 158 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Happy Day-After-Thanksgiving! Check out this sneak peek of next week’s all-new episode of The Vampire Diaries. The Cell (EP509) airs next Thursday, December 5th at 8/7c on the CW.

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  • Andrew55

    Could you be anymore condescending to Stefan/Stelena fans? Wow. I like the Damon character…just not Delena. But to think that Damon/Ian is the only reason the show even continues is both extremely bias and presumptuous. The show is popular because you have multiple fan bases.

    Honestly, Kate is a great moderator and she has a hard job trying to keep us all in line. So please show more respect.

  • Andrew55

    I’ve been reading the comments and I am just shocked that people are implying that Damon or Stefan raped certain characters. The term “Rape” is such a disgusting word. Also implying this act happened on TVD is disgusting. I can guarantee that the writers never intended for people to take it that way and it makes me sad as a fan that some would. I understand the shipper wars but I believe this is taking it too far. I love discussing TVD with all of you but if this is the route we are going then I may have to just find another forum or website to comment on because these are characters I love and having them trashed like this is both sad and appalling.

  • delirious

    They did lose a lot of members. There was a good number of smart and knowledgeable posters who left because the site is horribly Stefan biased while pretending to be objective.Many of those posters were Damon friendly and would get moderated or deleted here by the webmaster who is making money writing a series called “Stefan’s Diaries”or something creepy like that.Those posters are now frequenting a site that does not hide its allegiance.

  • Kate

    We try very hard not to be biased. Positive and negative comments about all characters are welcome; incivility and personal attacks on non-fictional people are not. I try to read all comments, but I’m just one person who needs to go to my actual paying job and sleep occasionally, so sometimes I may miss things. If I do, I hope you’ll flag anything offensive to make sure we see.

    Just to clarify, no one here is associated with or making money from the Stefan’s Diaries series. Thanks!

  • Gwen

    Thank You Andrew….that is exactly what I was trying to say and got completely shot down by the Moderator. I believe if a fan website allows this kind of talk it will be a slipper slope and people will be posting the most disgusting things about the characters. I too enjoying discussing TVD and have learned a lot about the show and it’s characters from this website however, characters raping other characters is simply NOT TRUE and if this website allows such discussion I too will looking for another website.

  • Kate

    A little background: We used to have any comments with the word “rape” be automatically deleted by the commenting software because they generally led to giant arguments. We got rid of the auto-deletion word list a year or so ago because it also deleted words like “grapes,” say. We hoped that everyone would be mature enough to discuss issues of consent, compulsion, etc. in a thoughtful way. Most of the time, it has been fine, but since this thread seems to be upsetting many people, I will be closing comments on this post. I hope that helps address your concerns a bit.

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