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Posted by | April 29, 2014, 15:09 (MST) | 15 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Damon has Luke trying to find Enzo via locator spell, so . . . good luck with that. Here’s a clip from Thursday’s new episode of The Vampire Diaries, What Lies Beneath (EP520).

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  • InewtoTVD

    I told Stefan not to lie about Enzo to start with and now he’s piling lie on top of lie to cover up the first lie! smh….. All uncalled for and unnecessary. Suck it up Stefan and tell Damon the whole truth. O’yeah, that lie is going to end up being the big bad if Stefan doesn’t come clean. SOON!

  • eve

    Sorry to say….who cares that Enzo is dead….or…Damon looking for him…….move on. There’s got to be another storyline that actually has us looking forward to watching.

  • Shannon

    The first 20 seconds were funny! Ok i just want to see Caroline, i’m over this. Next clip please have Caroline and no one else.

  • Team Originals

    See Stefan? Loose ends, babe. Loose ends. Damon is going to find out. Just tell him. It’s already going to be bad but him finding out some other way (like Elena blabbing like I have a feeling she will when she gets tired of him bringing him up!). He committed suicide with your help. It’s not your fault… completely.

  • Mem Nakamor via Facebook

    hay stef your upset about something…

  • Demetra Christakos

    Oh Stefan. I love you, dear, but — pants on fire.

  • b_again

    Wth is that damon doing? bullying Luke now? thats his next face? why are these people keep taking s***t from this guy? hate him with all passion.

  • mydamonheart

    your kidding right, could have sworn you were in love with Damon ;)

  • mydamonheart

    Its almost pathalogical with Stefan, lies just roll of his tongue, easy as pie!
    I can’t believe he is asking Damon WHY he is trying to find Enzo. Has he already forgot how Damon explained his reasons for owing Enzo, or does Mr caring and compassionate just not give a crap?

  • Petra

    Of course she is :-DDD Such hate and blindness is neither healthy nor normal….. so there is one other possibility – platonic love :-DDDD

  • b_again

    hahah, u joking right? am a guy and a straight one for that matter, am not part of ugly people that only see Ian and fantasias all day hoping he falls in love with them to make themselves feel better throwing Logic to the wind or gay guys that are crazy about him, i don’t hate the Actor but i hate the character to the bone mostly because many fans make their ship crazy idea to ruin the show. and what would you call what his doing to Luke? just playing throw and catch?

  • InewtoTVD

    I think it’s more that Stefan is doing some major CYB at the moment! lol Caring and compassion? About Enzo? Oh that flew out the window about the time Enzo’s heart flew out his chest! Stefan should have fessed up to start with. smh It’s gonna get ugly imo.


    LOLOLOLOLOLOL- and that is pricely how I felt about Aaron Whitmore:)

  • Prediction

    You can’t compare these two guys…. As far as I know Aaron Whitmore was Elena’s closest friend ever!! They knew each other for ages!!!!
    ;-) Lol lol lol

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