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Posted by | November 30, 2012, 13:59 (MST) | 708 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The CW has a clip from next week’s new episode, We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street (EP408), to brighten up your Friday afternoon. Enjoy!

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  • Manon

    And you aren’t a hater at all :’D


    Nope, not a hater at all…love Damon to pieces, but I do see his flaws as well as Stefan’s.  I just truly enjoy the show…all the shipping…not so much.  I am completely Team Stefan & have been since episode 1, however I am not Team Stelena.  I’d be more than happy for Stefan to find love somewhere else.  Yes, I am hating on Elena, because once again the Petrova doppleganger has split up these two brothers who are first & foremost family. 

  • Rachel

    Yes maybe you do have point. I forgot that Elena had Damon’s blood in her system when she died. So that means that even that little amount sired her to Damon ? Weird. Really weird

  • 2 good 2 be true


    In the very last Vampires Daires Book, Phantom Destiny Rising….
    The high court binds Damon to Elena by her blood. If he feeds on some1 w/o consent, they both feel pain. Maybe JP was trying incorporate that aspect of the book into it as we’ll….

  • Shannon

    Tell me about it. Smh.

  • Shannon

    They’re telling us to take a walk, lol

  • BlackCat92

    Sorry this is going to be kind of a long post, just some of my positive thoughts for all those disappointed Delena fans! :)
    Stefan and Elena’s relationship began to pale in comparison to Elena and Damon’s since the end of season 2, and I think the writers have done this on purpose. Damon and Elena are shown to have more passion together, less lies, and Elena can understand Damon far better than she could ever understand and relate to Stefan and far better than Stefan could ever understand Damon. Since Elena’s become a vampire, Damon has been the only one who could understand her. Stefan still hasn’t told Elena to what extent he has been a ripper, like for example his little party in the village he destroyed, killing all inhabitants. Stefan hides his darkest moments from her, Elena has seen Damon’s darkest moments and accepted and forgiven them. I feel like, now more than ever, the writers are planning for Damon and Elena to end up together. All of the build up, and now the little bump in the road, is just basically drawing out their love story, there are still two more seasons the writers have to pump out. At first, I was so mad and disappointed about the sire bond, but as I think about it more, no matter how it goes it will not destroy Damon and Elena’s relationship. If it turns out that Elena’s feelings are true, that’s great! Because she will have to prove to Damon and everyone else why she loves him and how much she loves him, and that makes for an EPIC love. If it turns out that her feelings were just extremely exaggerated because of the sire bond, or she becomes human again and doubts them, that story line will still be great because we all know that her feelings for Damon will grow naturally again because he his her SOUL MATE and what kind of story would it make if after all this sire bond stuff Elena just ends up back with Stefan and stays with him until the end of the show? It would be so boring and so pointless, so that is not where the writers are going with this. Damon’s whole story and journey has been about him finding someone who loves him and accepts him for who he is, because he has never had that, the writers even emphasized that with his father Meanwhile, Stefan has been about controlling his dark side, and being in denial about who he truly is and not being able to accept himself, totally different from Damon. The way I see it, the end of Damon’s journey is being loved by someone completely and sincerely, and the end to Stefan’s is him coming to love and accept himself completely and sincerely. And lately the writers have basically been setting up a Delena romance, that’s why they made Stefan go off on his little jaunt with Klaus, and more recently, they made Stefan look kind of overzealous in his quest for Elena’s cure, and have a focus on his need to “fix” her while Damon still loves her. It’s right there in our faces people.

  • Chayoorozco84

    there is logic behind this mainly because we have seen the other doppelganger Katherine drink from bags on the show when she was staying with the boys is season 2, point two the idea of feed from people was put in her brain the moment she fully woke up in her bedroom. the fact that now she is more open to her feelings about Damon as a vampire that pretty much she was a manipulative whinny skank because she clearly had stronger feelings than she did for Stefan then she let on as a human why they don’t see that is beyond me. I’m fairly certain that this is what Klaus meant when he told Caroline it would all make sense to them later. the whole sire bond is really Stefan and Care’s wishful thinking that there friend/ex isn’t like the person who broke stefan’s heart and relationship with his brother or the bitch that killed Caroline in the hospital. i think that because like you said her and Damon have had a bond over the years out of loyalty to him the bond was made.

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