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Posted by | March 17, 2014, 18:13 (MST) | 114 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Zap2It has another weblcip from Thursday’s all-new episode of The Vampire Diaries, While You Were Sleeping (EP516). Jeremy has a little fun at Damon’s expense and why, yes, Damon, it is hilarious. Click the image below to watch the clip in full!

Zap2It Exclusive Webclip for The Vampire Diaries: While You Were Sleeping (EP516)

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  • Mp

    One thing that I’ve always wanted to happen is Damon and Jeremy becoming like best friends. God knows Damon could use one after Alaric…and every time I think something like that is going to happen, it never does. If ant be the only one who thinks that that would be a really cool thing if it happened???

  • shoe20

    Hey , what a great basis for friendship, Damon bedded his wife. Aleric was a cuckold.

  • amanda

    A “coward”? Jeremy is 17 years old boy. Damon has killed him a couple of times, Damon has belittled Jeremy, taunted, dismissed, bullied and talked down to Jeremy. Jeremy’s a coward? are you serious? People would naturally think a MAN who is over 170 years would be mature. Not Damon though. Elena breaks up with him and he stomps his feet, yells at anyone who is trying to help him and starts killing people. Kills the last ancestor of a family. Aaron was an innocent kid going to College. And then there’s Jeremy, yeah killing him made sense. Damon expects an 18 year old young lady who is not quite a grown woman to be with him and if she doesn’t well he either acts like a spoiled child not getting his way or a coward. Either or.

  • Jennifer2667

    Done! I’ll take door #3 and completely agree with this answer. Heretofore known as the one body/one spirit, soul, etc. law. (Oddly, we may need this one again at a later date.)

  • Gwen

    Jer. is expected to be the male head of the Gilbert family…he needs to start acting like it.

  • Cheryl12

    Great! Henceforth anyone who wields the knife to expel a[n unwanted] passenger is free from guilt. So this brings up a potential wrinkle: what _if_ the passenger has _permission_ from the host? Hmm..
    But on to the next topic which I will be adjudicating: Is it murder if: 1) you kill your own Doppelgänger?; and … 2) if you kill the person for whom you are a Doppelgänger? I invite pro/con arguments, and I will render my decision over the weekend, since I will be busy enjoying a new ep. today. :-)

  • Cheryl12

    Uh …. everyone knew all of that. Ric knew that Damon slept w/ Isobel, etc., and still he chose to be his friend … in fact, as I recall, Ric told Damon specifically that he did not blame him for what happened between him & Isobel.

  • amanda

    And I’m sure he’ll be a great “head of the Gilbert family”. When he’s a grown up. He literally hasn’t stopped growing at his age. Jeremy is 17 and has been through hell since the vampires came to town. He was brought back to life and was getting used to living a kind of normal life and being in love with Bonnie. Then Damon comes along and acts like a crazed child who didn’t get his way in the playground. Damon is suppose to be a grown (a very very) older grown man. How does Damon honestly expect to have a grown up relationship when he’s acting like a high school jealous kid? Time for Damon to man up and stop playing the victim card. It’s getting pathetic.

  • shoe20

    Your saying Elena knows this? Not exactly a little oops or bye the way is it.

    Yes I know Ric knew…that’s exactly why I can’t respect him. He’s a happy cuckold. LOL

  • shoe20

    Yea, he needs to stake Damon in his sleep, because he’s obviously not safe with Damon alive….Hey, works for me.

  • InewtoTVD

    ? lol… Yes, awesome ‘)

  • InewtoTVD

    So true. Damon never uttered a word to Enzo about killing Jer. Enzo took that upon himself and even told Jer,”sorry to make this about me”. And then Enzo put the plastic bag over Jer’s head.

  • Gwen

    If Jer. is truly only a 17 yr. old child…then maybe he should stop drinking booze and jumping in/out of bed with Bonnie like an adult.

  • amanda

    Yeah he should. Too bad he doesn’t have oh lets see an older sibling help guide him in the right direction. Oh wait, he does. Then again she’s to busy acting like a teen herself. Having sex with the dude who acts like a teen. Jeremy doesn’t stand a chance with the role models in his life right now. Elena is nothing more than a horny tart and Damon is making a fool of himself acting like a love sick teen boy. It’s just embarrassing to watch Damon and Elena.

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